Flier Gauntlet Friend Codes Thread

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User Info: Frostaqua

1 year ago#21
In-game name: Frostaqua
Friend Code: 0336139134
Team: Subaki
Lead Character: Vanilla 5* Hector (+Res, -Spd)

User Info: ChingTheMonkey

1 year ago#22
Name: Ching
Friend Code: 2030162782
Team: Palla
Lead: http://m.imgur.com/uLZyjUq
"I am the wind. And the wind... you can't kill." - http://imgur.com/a/18ySl
The Official Flash of the Gamefaqs Justice League

User Info: AlolanPersian

1 year ago#23
In-game name: Moon
Friend Code: 6643877411
Which team you will be on?: Minerva
Your lead character: Ephraim
Which skills has your lead character inherited?: A skill is Defiant Atk 2, B skill is Seal Def 3 and C skill is Threaten Def 3
#TeamMinerva Fire Emblem Heroes ID: 6643877411
I am officially Laslow's wife on the Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest board

User Info: Nosydew

1 year ago#24
IGN: nosydew
Friend code: 8648348360
Team: camillia
Lead: tharja 5* lvl 40+1
Skills: fury3
Desperation 2
Threaten atk 3

Not sure if my friend list is full or not. I might have a spot or two
FC 1693-3445-8347
IGN: noseydewdrop

User Info: pianomankey

1 year ago#25
My ID: 6248025132
Leader: Klein
Team: Camilla
In game name: Kiran
Skills: Default

User Info: mokorusmania

1 year ago#26
ID: 1087071169
Team: Cordelia
Lead: Takumi

User Info: Ember29

1 year ago#27
In-game name: Ember
Friend Code: 2845065833
Team: Hinoka
Lead: Vanilla 5* Hinoka (+Atk, -Def)
Fire Emblem Heroes: 2845065833 | 28 5*'s

User Info: primechecker

1 year ago#28
Need some Friends for Gauntlet. Thanks ;)

In-game name: Kiran
Friend Code: 9660297664
Team: Minerva
Lead Character: 5* Lucina (Lvl 40)
Inherited Skills: Fury 2, Desperation 3
psn id: primechecker101
FF BE (GL) ID: 185,816,738

User Info: TheGuyNamedWolf

1 year ago#29
In-game name: Wolf
Friend Code: 3652855608
Team: Camilla
Lead Character: Effie 5* Level 40 +1 (+ATK -RES)
Inherited Skills: Brave Lance+, Bonfire, Hone ATK 2 (soon 3), Pivot

I only have a couple of spots, so I'll probably prioritize anyone with Hector, Ryoma, Lucina, Tharja, Nino, or Julia since that compliments my Effie best.
Smash 4 Switch, & Inklings, featuring Wolf from Star Fox May Cry!

User Info: Jyang927

1 year ago#30

Leader: Julia +1
IV: +res/-hp
Inherited Skills: Fury 3, Vantage 3
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