How did you beat the michalis event?

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User Info: Frostaqua

1 year ago#111
I was terrified because I don't have Narcian... After many attempts and...

Wow, I can't believe that I manage to beat Michalis while F2P! All of units are neutral from free maps, except Hector, who is +Res and -Spd. No skill inheritance.

*5 Hector (Level 40) - Neutral HP, Atk and Def, just to be safe. Res and Spd don't matter here.
*3 Virion (Level 40) - +Atk is better but mine Virion is from free map.
*4 Lissa (Level 40) - Any levels works. Kindled-Fire Balm is recommended!
*3 Olivia (Level 40) - Any levels works

Everyone is equally MVP. What surprise me the most is Virion. He shoots both pegasus knights with Olivia's help, while Hector tanks both red cavalier and Michalis. Lissa heals Hector for like 3 times. The most critical moment is let Michalis attacks Hector, with nearly full HP. On your turn, let Hector attacks Michalis, while survive, thanks to Pavise. Then Lissa heals Hector and activates Kindled-Fire Balm which boost both Hector and Virion and moves to lower right corner with Olivia's help. Then Virion finishes Michalis off with his Night's Sky! And Hector can take cares of last blue infantry.

User Info: e4_c5_Nf3_e6

1 year ago#112
Azura/Takumi/Seliph/Sharena on my main
Ninian/Reinhardt/Sanaki/Raven on my alt

+atk Takumi takes out flier from right, Sharena and Seliph buff Azura, Azura dances Takumi, Takumi comes back, Azura tanks and kills the cavalier. Pretty straightforward after here.

The strategy for my alt was harder to execute. Dance Reinhardt so that he can kill cavalier top right. Can't hit the flier because not enough damage and it charges the counter. Reinhardt will need to take two hits from the flier. Next turn is retreat Reinhardt and dance him so he gets to safety. Then I had to kite the fliers around the pillar the next few turns.

User Info: Kyuoko

1 year ago#113
Nothing because my game has to update and it isn't.
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User Info: Horith

1 year ago#114
Ninian, Nino, Young Tiki, and Reinhardt. It was a hell of a puzzle because I have no real physically tanky 5-star units. Piled up on the left-hand side and let Ninian give Tiki a defense buff, then moved Tiki up in range of the spear fighter and Michalis. She takes both hits like a champ, and deals over half of Michalis' HP in one shot. From there, Reinhardt takes out the spear fighter, Nino takes out Michalis, Tiki moves up two spaces to get out of range of one pegasus, and Ninian dances so that Nino can move one space down out of range as well. One pegasus goes for Reinhardt, the other moves down. Reinhardt takes out the sword pegasus thanks to a dance from Ninian, and Nino moves back into the forest so she's out of range of the spear pegasus. Spear pegasus goes for Ninian, who also takes the hit and just barely survives, who is take out next turn by Nino and Reinhardt, with Reinhardt being danced so he can move down and block Nino from being targeted by the sword cavalier. Reinhardt tanks the sword cav, and it's gg.

Yeah, I really need a tanky unit. I've got a 4-star Effie and a 4-star Cherche, but that's about it. I really didn't know if my units were going to survive the last push against the sword cav, as Reinhardt had already taken damage from a pegasus, but my team just barely managed to hang on from the hits they took. Reinhardt has quickly become my new favorite unit, especially with a dancer on the team. Shame I'll have to wait for the change to arena matchmaking for my score to not take a hit.
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User Info: Xuxon

1 year ago#115
Camilla, Linde, Takumi, 3* Olivia. Camilla used steel axe instead of brave. no skill inheritance.

baited Michalis with Camilla, killed him with Linde and a dance. Takumi needed Olivia's hone attack to kill the blue flyer.

enemy phase, Camilla tanks the blue soldier, Linde tanks the red flyer.

next turn, Linde kills the blue soldier, Takumi hits the red flyer down to 3 HP because he's s***ty atk bane and couldn't get hone attack that turn. can't remember precisely how i danced but it was needed for positioning.

enemy phase, positioned so red flyer can only attack Olivia or Takumi, suicides on Olivia (would have doubled and ORKO'd her if she didn't kill on counter).

at this point i'm holed up in the lower left corner so the red cav still hasn't been able to hit anyone. danced Linde over to it and ORKO'd it. done.

User Info: Oblivion9312

1 year ago#116
Xann0 posted...
I think you only really need to tank 1 or 2 hits? I forget because I did this during that tiny one hour window a few days ago. Nino kills someone, Olivia dances her, and Nino uses draw back to avoid hit. After that I think most of the AI walked in 1 by 1.

This was brilliant, it worked perfectly.

I used 4* Klein and Olivia and 5* M!Robin and Julia. Klein killed the blue flyer, Olivia danced for him, He pulled her back to safety, then it was just cleaning up after they were out of their impenetrable fortress. Julia killed Michalis in two shots with a dance from Olivia.
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User Info: hishong

1 year ago#117
4* Gordin level 40
5* Nino level 40
4* Olivia level 35
4* Effie level 34

Moved units to the right. Obviously put Effie in the safe space in front of the red cavalry. Make a 90 degree angle with the other 3 units in the safe space like a reverse L. Oliving on top, Nino in the middle, Gordin on the left. End turn.

Red cavalry attacks Effie, red cavalry survives with 17 HP. Michalis moves to the left of red cavalry in range of attacking Effie, other two fliers move down.

Move Nino right and up one move, dance Nino (if I played him differently, wouldn't need to use dance). Move Nino behind Effie and kill red cavalry. Pivot (inherited) Effie behind Nino (if you use a unit with 2+ movement, you obviously won't need the inherited skill). Gordin (has +4 attack from Nino's Hone Attack, not sure if relevant) kills whatever flying unit. End turn

Michalis attacks Nino who survives, the other 2 units move somewhere.

Nino (Fury inherited) ORKO Michalis. Don't know if Fury helped the ORKO, but Nino could have been danced in this situation anyway. Gordin ORKO the other ranged unit. End turn

Blue infantry moves closer. Move Nino, dance Nino, move Nino into range and kill blue infantry. You win.

My strategy was based on this video: although in my match the opposing units moved slightly differently because reasons

User Info: rama_sama

1 year ago#118
I'm sorry but what's that "one hour window during the week" some of you talk about?
I can't for the life of me beat the hard stage. I got:

5* Abel
4* Kagero
5* Julia
5* M Robin

I also have Marth, Nino, Peri. All 4* and lvl 38
Any suggestions?

User Info: bookwormbabe29

1 year ago#119
Heh. I just posted this in another thread, didn't see this here. Anywho, I used 5 star Abel, 5 star Roy, 4 star Olivia, 4 star Setsuna. Free to play, no skill inheritance for what that is worth.

First two turns are setting up in the right corner.

Turn 3, Abel rushed the the red sword in the corner with Olivia's dance, and kills him. Others wait in right corner.

Turn 4, enemies are divided going after Abel vs others. Setsuna kills first flying unit (dancing if needed). Abel heads south.

Turn 5. Sesuna kills second flying unit. Keep units in bottom right corner.

Turn 6-7, put Olivia in the bottom right corner, Roy and Setsuna on either side. Abel goes up right side out of range. When Michalis comes into range, Roy kills him thanks to Triangle adept. Setsuna can provide support if needed.

The end was the toughest for me, the last blue lance guy. He killed me three times with his draconic aura. To beat him, I had my units run around the battlefield, Olivia dancing Roy/Setsuna ahead of her, all the way to the upper left corner. The idea being the Abel could take one hit, and only one hit, on the left side (the choke point, really). Setsuna and Olivia moved inside the middle area. After Abel took his one hit, he fled back and Setsuna kept up a barrage of arrows from inside, being buffed/danced by Olivia.
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User Info: Adamancieth

1 year ago#120
sonyaism posted...
WOOHOO! Just cleared it.

5* Lucina Lvl 40
4* Narcian Lvl 40
4* Ursula Lvl 40
4* Olivia Lvl 39

For Hard:
I just bulls***ted around. I always find the Hard maps it doesn't matter if your units are already Lvl 40. I think Roy/Lucina tanked like the blue spears without batting an eye so it's whatever.

Ooohh can you share how you cleared lunatic with this team? My lucina is +hp -def. is it still possible for me to copy your tactic?
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