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  3. Did you get a 5 star out of the new banner?

User Info: redline65

1 year ago#51
40 orbs no 5* but got 4* Nowi and Eirika.

User Info: Madoura

1 year ago#52
Spent 80 orbs hoping for Karel or jaffar , I had nothing (only good is 4* kagero and Robin :/ )

Now I have 4% chance for focus and 16 orbs, I'm gonna wait 4 days and when I have 20 I will do my last pull on this banner

User Info: AlolanPersian

1 year ago#53
I spent 33 orbs and the only characters that I got and care about are Adult Tiki (4 stars), Lilina (4 stars) and Nino (3 stars). Nino has a bad nature just like my previous one, but I really like her so I don't really care for her nature, I would have upgraded her if she didn't have -Attack. I'm sad that I didn't get a even one character with five stars, but at the same time I'm happy because I didn't get Rebecca
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User Info: TylerorT93

1 year ago#54
Used the free orbs and got Priscilla, then spent $13 and got Ninian. Lucky me.
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User Info: kazooie959

1 year ago#55
I didn't get a single 4* let alone anybody good!

I am the great Kazoo! FEAR THE FEATHERS!!!

User Info: musumane

1 year ago#56
Is Rebbeca good? I have Takumi already , really want Ninian but my pull had 0 blues so I had to do a colorless to get out xD
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User Info: parKb5

1 year ago#57
Stealthyninja13 posted...
180 orbs only pulled one five star - Azura
F2P player since the beginning and with all my summons I got three Lyns and two Azuras
Two galeforce Lyns and two Azuras on a team = broken

So jelly, I got zero of either character.

I used 40 orbs and got trash. Nothing but pure garbage. I traded them all for feathers because just the sight of them in my character box disguised me. lol
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User Info: Chaz456

1 year ago#58
I'm saving all my orbs for when the Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn characters get dropped. I'm going to be very very patient....I'm sure by the time they drop I'll get screwed and get nothing good, but sometimes that's just the nature of the beast.
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User Info: JohnAre

1 year ago#59
120 orbs and pulled
Jaffar,fae and julia all with -atk
But i did get linde +spd,-res and 4* nowi +atk, -hp.

User Info: Lavendermoon

1 year ago#60
I got 5* Olwen which I didn't have before but I want Ninian :(
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