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  3. Did you get your 4 star Ursula before time was up!?

User Info: CeroMiedo

1 year ago#51
Yep. Went with Effie, Olivia, Lilina and Robin.
PSN ID: IijimaHanada.
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User Info: TsuRyu

1 year ago#52
Yes! Jeorge and Camilla Lvl 40 5*, Wrys 40+3 4* and Olivia 31 3-4*. Did It this morning, couldn't let a 4* unit out of my roster!

User Info: WiiGotLove

1 year ago#53
I finally got her, but it wasn't pleasant. I didn't have a suitable team as my usual tanks couldn't handle the map. Training 3* F Robin and 4* Gwendolyn for the task was a real pain. Even ended up getting Robin's last lvl up with crystals when I found out she's lacking 1 atk stat. In addition to those two, I used Olivia and Sakura.

The knight's warp caught me off guard so I had to finish it off with Sakura and to save her with Olivia, who then was left vulnerable when the cavalry died after attacking my Qwen. Luckily the thieves had already hit that turn so it didn't fall apart there. Would have been way easier if I had someone capable of one shotting the knight.

Qwendolyn has probably earned an early retirement, but Robin still has to underperform in the arena for a week.

User Info: CrimsonX4

1 year ago#54
Yep surprisingly easy, a relief since I don't have the time.

My team: Tharja, Nowi, Hector, Takumi
All 5* all lv 40

User Info: Hedgen

1 year ago#55
No, i I got 1 shot.
PSN: Hedgen
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User Info: Lavendermoon

1 year ago#56
I finally got her! I didn't think it was possible but decided to grind my Effie and Robin from 36 to 40. I used my remaining orbs to upgrade my castle to 80% exp gain to help with the training. I settled with level 39 Robin to see how it went after Effie hit 40 so she could tank the hits better. Plus I was tired and on my last stamina potion from the training. It took some trial and error but I beat the stage.

For the stage I used 5*Effie, 5*Robin, 4*Olivia, 4*Wrys to heal everybody. Moved Effie 1 square to tank the ninja blows. Had Robin above her to hit the green axe unit and used Oliva to dance so he could knock him out in 2 turns. Used Wyrs heal the small ninja damage so he could build up Heavenly Light. Then it was trying to get Effie to survive Ursula and the red sword user. So had Wrys heal her and Oliva to move him out of harms way. Robin was able to take out the ninja at the top right in one hit while he was with 2 hp. Then Effie eventually killed the red sword user, and once I got Robin to full health he finished taking out the ninja with help from Effie. Once I got down to Ursula I used Robin to attack her first to reduce her hp and had Effie hit her with the final blow.

User Info: CrescentShadow

1 year ago#57
If I do it will be by a hair.
Just gotta get Fem Robin and Setsuna up a few more levels and I'm gonna try again.

But I'm not gonna be too torn up over it if I can't.
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User Info: DivideR

1 year ago#58
Did it the easy way with Hector on my account.

Just helped my friend beat his over lunch just now though.
Somehow managed to beat it with Cain (*5), Nino (*4, 40atk), Olivia, MRobin (*4).

Pretty unorthodox strategy if I say so myself lol.
Key points being:
1)Pre-break the wall
2)Nino must be unbuffed on 1st turn so armor knight doesn't teleport to Ursula.

User Info: Lil_Puddin

1 year ago#59
My Speed Bane/Defense Boon Hector trashed the competition. All I had to do was move him once and then the enemies just ran headfirst into his axe. It was glorious. Ursula was harder to deal with in Story Mode than she was here... But I guess the "keep 4 people alive" thing makes it harder.

As for Ursula, she's a pretty good unit. Fun to have around (as are most cavalry units).
I am a masochistic dessert because I main Mercy and Zelda.
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User Info: redline65

1 year ago#60
No luck for me. Just don't have any good ranged units. Niles is my only one at level 40 and he can't kill s***. I have Hector too but he can't win by himself. Have:
Hector 5*
Chrom 5*
Camilla 4*
Abel 4*
Niles 4*
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