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User Info: CyberDragon10K

1 year ago#11
Building up some more orbs before trying to get Ephraim. At 58 currently.

Otherwise, no pulls so far.
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User Info: Urodos

1 year ago#12
Saving my orbs for Micaiah, until then, I'll remain adamant in not spending any more.

Orbs currently: 63

I spent 20 orbs on last banner, but didn't get anything notable.
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User Info: Ranadiel

1 year ago#13
I refuse to acknowledge how many I have spent on bonds beyond it was a lot. >.>

Princesses- I spent around 140 orbs and only got Lucina (who I was aiming for) as a 5*.

Princes- Was going for a Leo, got him on my first pull. Then checked the four remaining for nothing good.
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User Info: turtles777

1 year ago#14
I just hoped for an Ephraim and got him

Ephraim 5*

He's my favorite blue unit.

After s***ting the brick on luck from previous banners...this was a good feeling. Only spent 9 orbs
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