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User Info: FearlessFreya

2 years ago#1
which banner have you summoned from? - Results (69 votes)
20.29% (14 votes)
7.25% (5 votes)
40.58% (28 votes)
waiting for GHB banner
7.25% (5 votes)
waiting for next new banner
11.59% (8 votes)
just hoarding for "x"
13.04% (9 votes)
This poll is now closed.
so I was gonna wait til the next banner. But eirika came back and I decided to try sniping a bit. used 44 orbs, saving remaining 22 for after GHB.

Banner: Princess

Orbs used: 44
Orbs left: 22

Notable units:
5* sakura (yeah, best princess healer so far in char if not skills idk yet)
4* tharja
4* nino

User Info: MC-yup

2 years ago#2
considering the GHB (that should open tomorrow right?) but as of now I am waiting to see.

User Info: Cody82

2 years ago#3
I pulled from princess in hope to get Lucina, but got Eirika and stopped. Happy with her as my leading red.

Had like 150 orbs, now have 130.

Will spend more on Nino banner and maybe new chars.

User Info: Eab1990

2 years ago#4
20 orbs on prince, got Ryoma.

~60 orbs on princess, got 5* Eirika and a crapton of useless colorless units while aiming for Elise, but no Elise herself. I did get 4* Florina though, who I wanted for waifu purposes.
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User Info: YukiWTG

2 years ago#5
20 orbs on princess and got my second five star ever, Eirika, so I'm pretty content with that. The rest will be saved, probably for next week's banner.
3DS FC: 3282-2089-4073 / IGN: Erin / TSV: 1486

User Info: CeruleanGamer

2 years ago#6
160 orbs on sibling bonds, 120 on princess.
FE Heroes ID: 7166381867. 5 Star Hero Count: 65. Wishlist: Minerva 5*
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User Info: Xuxon

2 years ago#7
140 orbs on princess got me all three focus units and Tharja

User Info: Lavendermoon

2 years ago#8
Wanted Lucina and Elise but got Takumi, Ephraim, a second Eirika, Nowi and Ryoma from the Princess banner after 70 orbs. I can't complain since I've been trying to get Takumi for a long time and Ryoma was someone I thought I'd never get. Also happy to have Nowi and Ephraim so Eirika can have her brother with her.

User Info: tcsavato

2 years ago#9
Hoarding for Mia. Will try greens and blues on first Ursula banner though. I want Effie and a better Nino.

User Info: FearlessFreya

2 years ago#10
I had ephraim and lucina already. wanted eirika to go with ephraim, 'sides her art is great, like his. grats on those who got what they were looking for.
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