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User Info: SirRobX

3 months ago#1
Use this topic to:
- Track your progress in Resonant Battles, Allegiance Battles, the Arena, and Arena Assault
- Compare your scores to other board users
- Discuss the meta

New players and players interested in competitive play are encouraged to use these topics to track their progress through the weeks.

Wind/Earth and Astra/Anima

Upcoming seasons:
5/10: Wind/Water and Light/Dark
5/17: Wind/Fire and Astra/Anima
5/24: Wind/Earth and Light/Dark

Bonus Heroes:
5/4/21 - 5/17/21: L!Sigurd, Y!Eirika, Y!Lyon, Y!L'arachel, Y!Tana, Y!Innes, F!Ashnard, Sumia, Arthur, and Anna

Upcoming Bonus Heroes:
Unknown until the next update. Possible candidates include L!Lucina and Alfonse. Other, less likely candidates include Xander, Camus, Hardin, Black Knight, Zelgius, Ryoma, L!Ryoma, Ike, and L!Ike.

Estimated Thresholds for Resonant Battles:
Interval 19.5 - 400 (Perfect score + No Harmonized Hero)
Interval 20 - 410 (Imperfect score + At least 1 Harmonized Hero [No merges needed])
Interval 20.5 - 425 (Perfect score + At least 1 Harmonized Hero [No merges needed])
Interval 21 - 441 (Imperfect score with 2 Harmonized Heroes)
Current Bonus Titles: Mystery of the Emblem and the Sacred Stones

Estimated Thresholds for Allegiance Battles:
Top 5k - 1011 (727 +150 +25 +24 +85)
Top 3k - 1021 (737 +150 +25 +24 +85)
Top 1k - 1035 (751 +150 +25 +24 +85)
Current Max Synergy Bonus: 85

Estimated Thresholds for the Arena:
Tier 19.5 - 3700 (Avg. 728 per match +60)
Tier 20 - 3786 (Avg. 745.2 per match +60)
Tier 20.5 - 3800 (Avg. 748 per match +60)
Tier 21 - 3852 (Avg. 758.4 per match +60)
Note: I increased the estimates back to roughly normal levels.

Estimated Thresholds for Arena Assault:
Top 5k - 5220 (Avg. ~741.71 per match +28)
Top 3k - 5266 (Avg. ~748.28 per match +28)
Top 1k - 5318 (Avg. ~755.71 per match +28)

These scores are updated on weekly basis. They are my personal estimation and may not reflect the actual score thresholds. Seasons can cause the overall scores to fluctuate by around 8 points. Currently Fire season and Earth season scores trend higher than Water season and Wind season scores. If you feel these numbers are too low, please make a post saying so.

Arena score calculator:
Note: The site has been having issues loading. If you wait a minute and try again, it might work. It might not load at all for some viewers, so be warned.

Latest analysis of arena score thresholds is available here:

General Tips:
  1. Scores are determined in multiples of two. It is impossible to encounter an opponent with an odd-numbered score.
  2. Mythic heroes are treated as regular heroes in the Coliseum. As such, they do not grant their bonus effects, but they will receive bonus effects from Legendary Heroes so long that the seasons correspond with each other. (Example: If it's Astra/Fire season and you have Plumeria and L!Edelgard, Plumeria will be treated as though she had a Fire blessing.)
  3. A legendary hero will NOT receive any bonuses granted by a legendary hero of a different blessing type (fire, water, wind, earth) even if the seasons correspond with each other.
Resonant Battles Tips:
  1. All enemies can only move one space (except with movement-based skills like Aerobatics). Thieves will move one space per turn. Other enemy units will not move unless one of your units is in range.
  2. Thieves will drop items. Check what items the thieves are carrying and incorporate them into your strategy.
  3. The effect of enemy Seal skills (ex. Veil Seal, Guardian Seal, etc.) only activates upon defeating an enemy. Galeforce can activate as long as the user does not defeat their opponent.
  4. You do not have to defeat all of the enemies on the map. Most can be avoided entirely and some can be used to your advantage. For example, you can intentionally take damage to get under 50% HP and enable your allies to use Wings of Mercy.
  5. Consider utilizing skills that affect movement such as Lunge, Smite, and Flier Formation.
Allegiance Battles Tips:
  1. At the end of Turn 1, two reinforcements will spawn. Four more reinforcements will spawn after defeating two enemies. (This occurs no sooner than the end of Turn 2 and includes enemies defeated on Turn 1.)
Arena Tips:
  1. You have to kill at least one unit with your bonus hero in order to get an additional 12 points per match.
  2. There are six factors that determine your score range: Level, Rarity, BST (Base stat total), Merges, Total SP (The total SP cost across every skill on your unit) and Blessings. A unit's score is determined individually and then averaged with the rest of your team to determine the team's score.
  3. When calculating a unit's score, BST is simplified to increments of 5 and total SP is simplified to increments of 100.
  4. Blessings only have an effect on score if a blessed hero is fielded with a legendary hero of the corresponding blessing. A legendary hero will boost your overall score range by 2 points for every hero with the corresponding blessing. This effect stacks with additional legendary heroes. For example, two water legendary heroes on a team with two water-blessed heroes will increase the score range by 8 points ([2 x 2] + [2 x 2]), while three water legendary heroes on a team with one water-blessed hero will increase the score range by 6 points (3 x 2).
Arena Assault Tips:
  1. The initial team you use in Arena Assault determines the score range you encounter throughout the entire run.
  2. Heroes will add +1 to your score as long as their blessing corresponds with the seasons. This includes Light, Dark, Astra and Anima blessings. They do not need to be deployed with a Legendary Hero to receive this benefit.
Pokemon GO: 8973-4950-4215 / Fire Emblem Heroes: 193-150-4677 / Switch: https://imgur.com/wNDqTmg
Personal FEH Spreadsheet: https://bit.ly/2WsGkt9

User Info: D412kKn16h7

3 months ago#2
758 eh? Wonder if I can get those scores with +10 Ashnard as a bonus this week. At least I don't have to worry about him not being able to kill things like L!Eirika last week.
FC: 1977-1447-4925

User Info: SirRobX

3 months ago#3
Topic to be continued here:
Pokemon GO: 8973-4950-4215 / Fire Emblem Heroes: 193-150-4677 / Switch: https://imgur.com/wNDqTmg
Personal FEH Spreadsheet: https://bit.ly/2WsGkt9
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