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  3. Was there any characters in this game that grew on you?
shootingfoul 6 days ago#1
If we limit it to people that are on the support list. Was there any characters in this game that you didn't like at first? Or didn't like on your first impression? But then, when you learn more about them in the story or support, it changed your opinion about them?

Let me know.
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Linhardt cos I expected him to be like someone who cares about nothing but sleep and a cold researcher but he's more than that
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Ferdinand is the biggest flip for sure. he comes off just kind of pompous in regular interactions around the monastery. in reality in supports though he's a total lovable dork and all his 'attitude' just comes off very endearing as an earnest guy trying his best.

he also grows and matures to realize his own failings and inherent biases over time and that's just one more thing to love him for
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asm335 6 days ago#4
Seteth and Hubert are my 1,2 for this list and Hilda would be 3rd. I'm sure it's not a coincidence that all three are retainers, disregarding the fact that Hilda doesn't actually start out as such.
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Maetch 6 days ago#5
Pretty much the whole cast, given how I couldn't stand how annoying the Awakening and Fates casts were.
I originally found Seteth to be a super boring character but over time I came to realize that he's simply a reliable adult in a setting that desperately needs one. He's the guy on campus who seems to care the most for the students and manages to be aware of how much the Crest system sucks despite being part of Rhea's inner circle. He also endured the same trauma Rhea did but there's no indication of him ever attempting some f***ed-up experiments to revive anybody. It's too bad he becomes completely irrelevant to the story outside of SS.

Though I will admit that he's still a static character and that a big part of why Silver Snow sucks is because Seteth has no character development to go through, and thus can't bounce off Byleth the way the other lords can.
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Lorenz springs to mind immediately. Few minor characters undergo thru more character development than he does. He still needs to develop more after the game is over before he's finally truly "sympathetic", but there's no reason to think he stops growing at the end of the game.

There are also a couple of characters that I thought would only have 1 personality trait that ended up having more to them. For example, I initially expected Linhardt to be all about sleeping, but he's more than that: he has a refreshing and personally familiar outlook on life that defines him more than his hobby of taking naps does.
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Zilong17 6 days ago#8
^Big agree on the above along with Ferdi, they were my top 3 by the time I finished.

To round out the top 5 I'd say probably Annette and Bernie, both of whom I was prepared to dislike out the gate due to seeming like the tropey designs I'm just not a fan of (genki/shy girls etc), but both ended up having pretty good takes on the characters overall.

In a positive note, while I figured I would like all the Ashen Wolves at first glance, I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of their supports, particularly Yuri.
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Alanna82 6 days ago#9
Bernie grows the most during the time skip. :)

(Sorry, I had to say that. I always thought it was weird she got that much taller at age 18)

I ended up liking Sylvain much more than I thought I would. And also second or third Seteth.
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Shire_Bound 6 days ago#10

I really liked him at first just because he was a hot sword boy. Then I saw his supports, and my opinion of him tanked. He seemed needlessly edgy, mean, and out for blood with literally everyone.

Then he matured in part 2. I also saw his Seteth and A supports and really turned around on him. Seeing how he was the only recruitable character who changed per route and the stark differences in his AM vs other route endings skyrocketed him to being in my top 3. Mostly because it makes him more interesting to see how different circumstances actually impacted his growth, and it makes me respect him a bit more than other recruitable students who turn out the same and say more or less the same things.
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  3. Was there any characters in this game that grew on you?
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