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  3. Alois is the most OP commander in Fodlan ever.

User Info: Liquid_King

2 months ago#1
Before the games events it is generally seen as being Jeralt.

But in Alois Epilogue it states

”Once all the fighting had come to an end, Alois officially took up the position of captain of the Knights of Seiros. In this capacity, he was much beloved, and the Knights became more unified than ever under his command. It is said that their accomplishments during his tenure were beyond even what Jeralt's troop had achieved.”

How is that hat possible for a mortal like Alois to achieve when Jeralt has been living for centuries somehow?

There is no disputing this, Alois is legendary. In an alternate timeline where Byleth dies, Alois probably defeats the Adrestian Empire and TWSITD.
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User Info: SirBob1137

2 months ago#2
I’m not sure if Jeralt has been alive for centuries, though I’m sure it’s been a while. I’d guess that it’s because Alouis is much cooler, thanks to his mustache.

User Info: EpicJourney

2 months ago#3
Honestly, Alois doesn't get the love he deserves from this community.
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User Info: Wolferrum

2 months ago#4
Never underestimate the power of dad jokes.
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User Info: SanguineCalamus

2 months ago#5
It’s just that if you’re “too old” in FE, you’ll probably be sidelined. Doesn’t help they’re not exactly helpful in gameplay either other than possibly canon fodder.

Likewise I’m sure Saber (even if he’s one of my favorite FE males) is in Heroes if only because the rest of the starting parties are in. Not counting the cemetary battle.

User Info: rhonie8k

2 months ago#6
Wolferrum posted...
Never underestimate the power of dad jokes.
Byleth lies lifeless at Edelgard's feet. Alois looks around the other Knights have all be slain. Many of his bones are broken and he has several bad gashes. He stumbles towards the Emperor prepared to fight till his last breath.

"Surrender now I'll spare your life." She says calmly as he draws he struggles to lift his sword at her.

"I'm sorry I'm a knight not a flag bearer." Alois says forcing a smile as his sword is easily deflected by the Emperor's axe.

"What does that even mean?" Edelgard barks in confusion.

"It means I have no banner to wave to concede." Alois explained his joke.

"Then I'm afraid you must die." The Emperor said solemnly as she lifted her axe.

"Hi afraid you must die, I'm Alois." The knight replied as the monstrous axe began it its fatal decent. He closed his eyes and prepared for death. A loud wooshing sound rang through his ears as the axe missed him completely followed by a horrible shriek. He opened his eyes to find the Emperor grounded her own weapon sticking out of her chest. "How did you mess that up so badly?" Was all he could ask.

"That joke was so bad I had no other option but to kill myself." Edelgard said growing steadly weaker as the life left her body.
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  3. Alois is the most OP commander in Fodlan ever.
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