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  3. How can I make Byleth into Rhea II?

User Info: Psynin

3 days ago#1
Doing a Church run and am still upset that Rhea is not recruitable at all, even on her route. What's the best way to get a Byleth to mimic Rhea's overall stats, proficiencies, and growths?

Is it as simple as going Female Byleth, classing her in Enlightened One, and training up Swords, Fists, Faith Magic, Reason Magic, and Leadership? Which other skills and class proficiencies should I pick up along the way? Would the Shield of Seiros OR the Chalice of Beginnings make more sense for equipped item?
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User Info: AzureFEF

3 days ago#2
Shield of seiros with the SOTC,
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User Info: jackfrost2016

3 days ago#3
S Support Catherine of Male, S Support Cyril if Female.
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User Info: EdeaCreamer

3 days ago#4
Also, REALLY play up Byleth's self-recovery abilities. The actual Rhea's a damn vampire with that enemy-exclusive Sword of hers.

There's Byleth's Crest going off all the time, obviously, and then Brawling also teaches Healing Focus along with them getting the Draining Blow art, and then the Shield of Seiros also has an HP recovery effect on it (using a sacred weapon for more HP restore's optional), the Faith class line has Miracle and Renewal in it in addition to teaching the normal Nosferatu, and if Byleth is male and you're training their Reason up it's also possible to acquire Lifetaker from the Dark Bishop class.
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User Info: MisterTellius

3 days ago#5
Mastering Enlightened One is not only thematically relevant but also it teaches Sacred Power, which I believe she comes with in battle.

Like the guy above me said, consider Lifetaker from Dark Bishop, and the Faith class line. Maybe give Byleth a couple of magic stat boosters.
Lifetaker is fun, you can even use it on Female Byleth by maxing out the dark bishop class on male Byleth then using the New Game + to get it from your desk in your quarters!

for fun stack Lifetaker With Renewal from the Bishop and the White Tomefaire from S+ in Faith magic along with the +1 range from S ranking Faith.

If using Enlightened One equip Swordfaire and a Levin Sword

But if a Gremory (Which I adore due to the many uses of Nosferatu and Aura plus filler Reason spells like Bolganone or Ragnarok) ignore Swordfaire for Fiendish Blow (from the mage class!)

either way just watch as Byleth solo's even the most obnoxious map!
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User Info: Psynin

3 days ago#7
Rhea's skills across paths include:
Charm (Lords Exclusive)
Counterattack (Death Knight Exclusive. Can be granted with Cindered Shadows Chalice)
Commander (Boss Exclusive)
Heartseeker (Dark Mage/Dark Bishop Exclusive)

Sword Mastery Level 5
Faith Level 5
Sacred Power
Terrain Resistance
Death Blow

Additionally, her skill levels in Sword, Faith, and Reason never go above A, AND Byleth is unable to learn Agnea's Arrow through reason like she can and gets Aura for Faith .
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  3. How can I make Byleth into Rhea II?
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