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User Info: Ritster21

1 month ago#1
I actually experimented with this in Verdant Wind.
During the triple threat match at Gronder Field, I had Adult Dimitri fight Adult Edelgard.
If Dimitri goes first, he one shots Edelgard. Funny because after he beats her, he still says “Where are you Edelgard?! I will kill you!”.
If Edelgard goes first, she will hit Dimitri but Dimitri will survive with 10 HP left. He counterattacks but Edelgard lives too. Then Dimitri will use up his turn drinking a potion to heal. Then Edelgard will go again and kill him.
Essentially, Dimitri can one shot Edelgard if he attacks her. Edelgard takes 2 hits to kill Dimitri because Dimitri dumbly wastes his chances to heal.

Your thoughts?
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User Info: DatBoiTakumi

1 month ago#2
Dimitri must’ve poked out his other eye during the battle if he’s still screaming about Edelgard

User Info: FFnut

1 month ago#3
So Dimitri is a rage monster who's too stupid to think of basic strategy while Edelgard can only succeed by attacking her perceived enemy before they have a chance to show aggression towards her?

Sounds accurate.
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  3. Dimitri vs Edelgard during the War
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