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User Info: Shire_Bound

1 month ago#31
LittleRoyal posted...
AM savior king Dimitri is the healthiest Dimitri

abd he doesn’t actually murder the children. He does kill them, but it’s in self defense. So it’s manslaughter and homicide. Still sucks but actually more of a “that is terrible” moment than “you are terrible.”
there actually wasn’t anything he could have done.

Tempest king Dimitri only murdered the strong who preyed on the weak; and tried to get himself killed in the same way (as he is strong, compared to him the bandits were weak. So someday, someone strong would kill him)
obviously it’s not where his arc went, but it’s a very important distinction because your summary is kinda character assassination

An Edelgard fan character assassinating Dimitri. Shocking. To be fair, both sides do this, but lol to all the Edelgard fans who think she's the only one who gets ridiculous takes like the one you quoted.

That said, everyone is completely ignoring that the wound Edelgard gave him is implied to cause severe nerve damage. But you know, she wasn't actually trying to hurt him when she shoved a knife in his chest.

User Info: LittleRoyal

1 month ago#32
wheatleyscience posted...
ITT: TC asks a question and only listents to certain answers.

Oh wait forgot where I was for a second
I’m discussing answers.
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User Info: LittleRoyal

1 month ago#33
0Swordsman0 posted...
She has to die her dream of making all people equal is dead. She also has her shortened lifespan(100% confirmed by her paired ending with Lysithea) so she throws it so Dimtri will finish her off.
But it’s not dead! Sylvain’s ending specifically shows us that crestless people can be valued the same
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User Info: wheatleyscience

1 month ago#34
As many people have said though, in VW and SS she begs you to cut her down cuz the war won't end if she still lives. There are a ton of people who are completely enamoured with her cause and will fight to the death.

Now think about Savior King Dmitri. Is he someone who would honor the request to cut someone down? No. He'd try to find another way. It's in his kindhearted nature. He also has just forgiven her, hes not going to cut down a relationship he wants to save. The only way to make him finish her off is to force his hand. It's a consistent assumption based on how she bites it in the other 2/4 routes.
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User Info: jenovacide

1 month ago#35
She knows that whoever she loses to, their path is beyond her grave, as the Empire wont yield imo. Dimitri wants to reconcile with her at one point. She made Dimitri kill her, because begging like she does with Byleth won't work

User Info: Yellow_King

1 month ago#36
It's up for interpretation. Some say it's cause she wants to die fighting for her dream rather than live on in regret, and others say she was being a sore loser that attempted to kill him.

User Info: VagrantElton

1 month ago#37
the theory that she wants to kill him makes absolutely no sense and is only used by people who want to demonize her character for a variety of the dumbest reasons you could think of.

Edelgard is one of the best warriors in Fodlan and y'all think she wouldn't aim for the head lmfao.

Anyway, it's suicide by cop. She asks for death in VW and SS as well. it makes no sense whatsoever that it'd be different here. She just needs to force his hand because he's unwilling to do what's necessary to end the war.
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