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User Info: kisame847

4 days ago#1
I'm in a weird spot in deciding what he should do. I've seen a lot of talk that he's a really good unit, but beyond the batt vantage wrath meme I don't really get it. He has one of the best physical spreads in the game, but has an axe bane making death blow and WR/WL a pain to get. He is vulnerable to getting speed screwed, which matters because he doesn't have swift strikes. Windsweep is great but is kind of out of the way to get, and unless you go primarily through sword classes he wont have it until late. He seems like more of an awkward unit than anything else. Everyone else on BL I have figured out what I'm going to do with, but what is the best way to use this unit?
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User Info: Taiphlosion

4 days ago#2
Raise his sword rank and go thief > Swordmaster. This way, his speed will be very good by part 2.
Also, you might raise his Flying Rank for Alert Stance/Alert Stance+, which makes him the best dodge tank in the game.

He's the best EP unit (except maybe Jeritza) in a game with very few of them. And Battalion Vantage/Wrath is hardly just a meme.
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User Info: bookwormbabe29

4 days ago#3

Honestly? I gave up on spears/swords and made him a brawler. Fierce Iron fist attacks 3 times in one round, and with Dimitri's STR this is amazing. With gauntlets naturally getting two hits, his speed isn't as big a problem (and if he gets speed, he is now getting 4 attacks). He's still a decent dodge tank with gauntlets (Swords /swordmaster will likely be better, but still) I found this to work well on my maddening run.

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User Info: Minaru44

4 days ago#4
Dodge-tank, really.

You can do this by a couple of ways, depends on how many different weapon-types you want to grind out. Swordmaster/Assassin gives the best boni to Speed and thus more ability to tank. They are also what you may want for level-up to get as much Speed points as you can. Grappler->War Master works all purpose-wise and Quick Riposte goes reaaaally well with his ability to dodge nearly everything.
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Honestly, it really isnt a huge pain getting him to WR/WL as you might think by the way. Most of my maddening runs usually has him reaching the criteria or atleast very close to by the time he hit the levels to promote.
Its worth giving a shot since there are tools to make easier, Alert stance+ is nice to help him dodge tank, and you still have the battalion wrath/vantage to fall back on when it gets annoying to progress in late and endgame.
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User Info: Ssa00

4 days ago#6
Great Lord Dimitri only needs B wrath, B vantage, lancefaire and lance prowess. The last slot can be whatever. Lance crit for super high crit during player phase, mov +1 to get him in the middle of the enemies faster, defense tactics to keep his battalion longer, alert stance so he can dodge ballista better, hit +20 to help with his pre-TS shaky accuracy against falcons, etc. He also needs 2 killer+ weapons since he sometimes broke one in one map (20-25 uses are not enough since he often kill more than that in one map). With the setup, he only needs 3 extra str from base great lord stat to OHKO all enemies but fortress knights and ORKO fortress knights during EP. Even if you're playing 0% growth, 3 strength is very easy to get from stat booster or just leveling up normally.

Here's the calculation from other thread assuming NG maddening.

Ssa00 posted...
There's no luck needed for Dimitri. He has 90%+ crit by Post TS gronder even before wrath in PP. 35% from killer lance, 15-20% from batallion, 10% from ring, 10% from weapon S rank. That's 75% and add in good dex and ok luck. Great Lord base stat gives him 11% crit already and high lord gives 10%. In EP add in 50% from b.wrath to get 140%+. You can get even higher crit speccing him to swords.

Non boss human enemies crit avoid from weapons and luck won't reach 40% with endgame mortal savant maxing at 38%. Even if he is super str screwed, he'll OHKO any non fortress knight enemies (need 3 +str level ups to OHKO endgame mortal savant assuming killer lance+, dedue adj and no other support, 2 lancefaires, king of lions battalion and great lord) and will 1RKO fortress knights (need 25 +str level ups to OHKO instead of 1RKO fortress knights, which avg Dimitri can get by endgame).

Just make sure to slap retribution, keep his str and hit rate high and never heal his batallions (there are a few high crit batalllions that you can rotate for him if needed, king of lions, fladarius, leicester, goneril, BL knights on top of my head and he dosn't need high attack bonus too since his str is high).

Compared to other chars who can pull vantage and wrath shenanigans, Dimitri is just less effort and gets the combo faster (I got it by chapter 9 because I rotated him out during paralogues when overlevelled and skipped him during some tutoring sessions, some got it by chapter 7 with lance + authority study plan and dedicated tutoring and tutoring luck).

Wyvern Lord Dimitri is more powerful I guess, but much more effort when Great Lord Dimitri will suffice for endgame. People overcomplicate things when his build only needs his canon class and his canon study plan (lance + authority), basically no need to even bother changing his original setting at all, lol.

I guess WL is nice if you like overkills, flight and high mov (Dimitri doesn't need canto, because he doesn't need to retreat). He'll be competing for good flying battalion with other chars who need it more though. Alert stance is moot sometimes if you prefer not to hit the wait button for him during PP.

Windsweep is great against boss if you want sword based Dimitri (using Dancer class). His study plan should be sword + authority then. The only boss I find windsweep to be relevant is post TS Gronder Edelgard to negate crit. Randolph has high crit, but he has no distant counter. Hagemon has high crit, but by that time, Ochain shield exists and it negates crit.
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User Info: The_Juice_

4 days ago#7
I like to think the vantage Dimitri build is payback for my playthrough of lunatic reverse all those years ago
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User Info: SugarFlakes

4 days ago#8
I dunno. I always make him a War Master before part 2. I give him an Axe immediately, set his goals to gauntlets asap.
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User Info: Pizzacat47

3 days ago#9
Hes been very useful with ranks in lance authority and swords, went myrmidon, lord then assassin. He’s strong, and fast so he dodge tanks for me, second best unit after deduce. I’m at the last chapter before time skip. Not sure where I will go w him for his next class tho so Im working on leveling up horses in case. Good luck.
you can always throw some stat boosters at him if u get unlucky but he’s a pretty good unit

User Info: FajitaEata

3 days ago#10
I don't think b vantage wrath is as much a meme as you think he genuinely becomes an enemy phase power house moreso than any other character in the game imo.

My last run I made him a bow knight. Not going to argue that's optimal but he turned out really well and definitely better than any other bow user I had.

Edit: I should add I also used the meme build with a killer bow and he murdered anything attacking him from any range. I'm sure the same thing can be accomplished with retribution tho.
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