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  3. How tight are resources in the DLC? Is stealing worth it?

User Info: bookwormbabe29

3 days ago#1

I'm on the second battle, and notice there a few items that could possibly be stolen, vulneries and such, but also a Goddess Ring and an Evasion Ring. No one knows steal, but Yuri can reclass to thief. I'm tempted to go thief and steal things, but honestly, it just feels like too much effort for too little reward right now. So for those who have already cleared this side story, is stealing ever worth it?
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User Info: Taiphlosion

3 days ago#2
I'm on chapter 6 of hard mode, and so far resources have been plentyful. Stealing is not necessary at all.
That said, the evasion ring could be very nice.
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User Info: Vermillionw

3 days ago#3
I never had any problem with resources to be honest. And I was using a lot of combat arts.
I only used iron weapons through the 6 chapters and then buy silver for the last one.

User Info: Zinie95

3 days ago#4
No you dont need to steal. Keep Yuri as Trickster as he is extremely useful.

User Info: Tombstone1988

3 days ago#5
I beat it on Hard/Classic without ever using Steal, so you definitely don't need to. Grabbing the Evasion Ring could be helpful, but it isn't necessary.

User Info: Minaru44

3 days ago#6
I wish I grabbed the rings but in the end, it shouldn't be necessary. I bought Byleth a Killing Edge for Byleth, a Steel Shield for Edelgard and upgraded some weapons to Iron+ when they ran out before Chapter 3+4 but that's about it so far. I was really prudent about resources since it specifically said limited but really, you can do a bit more than that and still be fine.
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User Info: Tastymond

3 days ago#7
I stole them, it wasn't hard to do so why not. Evasion ring on Byleth swordmaster pretty nice and goddess ring on tank cool too.
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User Info: Magus80

3 days ago#8
Naw, beaten it on Hard/Casual without stealing and didn't have any issues with resources.
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User Info: Protian

3 days ago#9
I can tell you that there's nothing to steal on Map 1, 3, and 4. I guess technically you might be able to steal a leather shield on map 3 or a steel shield on map 4.

Evasion ring on map 2 is totally worth stealing. Basically makes it so byleth is immune to axe users.

If you do pegasus hilda you could try it on her as well and have her tank all of the lance users. Could be really OP on map 3 assuming you take out the archers and sword users during player phase.

User Info: iammaxhailme

3 days ago#10
Slightly tight but not that bad. I bought a few silver and effective weapons and two leather shields and some concoctions and made some iron+ weapons, and I'm almost broke at chapter 6, but I don't think I need anything more.
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  3. How tight are resources in the DLC? Is stealing worth it?
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