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  3. So does anyone find it weird that Sothis... (Spoilers)

User Info: Samaellives91

1 week ago#1
Doesn't really communicate with Byleth during Cindered Shadows? It's set before they fuse together, and she was quite talkative before then.
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User Info: HentaiSenpai

1 week ago#2

It's really weird that Sothis doesn't say anything.

IS should have took the opportunity to give more character to her.

It's even more puzzling that twhy didn't include Jeralt in the DLC.
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User Info: fireemblemomega

1 week ago#3
Probably didnt get the VA back so they had to make do with unused lines.
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User Info: NightCats

1 week ago#4
They had to have months to make this s***. Are VAs that busy?
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User Info: NeoRyujinZ

1 week ago#5

I'm glad she doesn't run her mouth in Cindered Shadows. I had enough of her in 80% of White Clouds in the main game, anyway.
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User Info: Nakedbacon

1 week ago#6
I just thinking the same thing. Not that I want her to talk.
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  3. So does anyone find it weird that Sothis... (Spoilers)
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