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  3. You are forced to make a golden route. How do you do it? (Full game spoilers!)

User Info: Samaellives91

4 days ago#31
So despite my non-serious response earlier, I gave it some thought and hoenstly I could never find a good, or rather satisfying, way to incorporate a golden ending without making extensive changes to White Clouds.
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User Info: MechaFlo

4 days ago#32
IMO yo ucan't give this game a golden ending without completely rewriting the plot. Because unlike FATES the antagonist driving the plot is one of the four choices. You can't get Edelgard, Dimitri and Rhea on the same side without butchering their characters. Making up a new baddie would feel random and out of place to force their cooperation, and having TWSITD become more overt threats removes the only semi interesting thing about them working int he shadows to get their people into positions of influence.

Whether you like Edelgard or hate her as a character, she is the one that drives the conflict/plot in this game and having her decide 'no I'm going to work with the others on a less extreme solution' to get her to a place of cooperation is too much of a departure from what we see in the game proper.

A golden route just doesn't work here.

User Info: jackfrost2016

3 days ago#33
After killing the Umbral Beast, Aelfric (whose on death's door.) and Byleth's mom emerge from it's disintegrating remains.

Aelfric is on the verge of death, yet a smile crosses his face when he reaches a hand to Sitri's body, lays it on her wrists, and can hear a pulse.

The Ashen Wolves huddle around wanting to get some clarification if he ever really did care for them, he's too busy revelling in his success rambling about a Pulse to care for them.

He dies not giving them any answers, whilst Byleth approaches Sitir's body and checks to discover her heart's beating.

(The cup gave her a functioning one, I'm being screwy with the established rules of the cup.)

Rhea watches all this with a blank look on her face trying to figure why the cup worked this time, gears turning in her head, contemplating what this all means for her plans.

Then Jeralt walks in, sees a dead Cardinal surrounded by the Wolves, Byleth's mom not in her grave (Unless he also knew about the fake funeral. I kind of doubt it.) and still very fresh looking, Byleth with her in arms, and Rhea.

Jeralt asks what the f*** is going on!?

Before anybody can explain, a voice that has not been heard in over 20 years speaks Byleth's name.

End of Cindered Shadows. Begin Tyrian Flames.

That's what I got so far. Figure this was better than saying, the Cup worked then Jeralt and Sitri noped out of the Monastery on the assumption an emboldened Rhea might try something.

Also Dimitri gets an answer to why Edelgard's hair is the way it is now, Claude's present for that and starts prying for more answers, and Tomas overhears what's going on and is like, "Oh, s***! Time to expedite the plan."
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User Info: ifnsman

3 days ago#34
The Ashen Wolves/Cindered Shadows side-story is the closest thing you'll get to a "golden ending" in this story, but it's still stuck in the middle of Part 1.

If the Ashen Wolves had their own Part 2 in the main story, I'd call it "Sable Waves".
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  2. Fire Emblem: Three Houses
  3. You are forced to make a golden route. How do you do it? (Full game spoilers!)
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