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User Info: TwerpKnight

4 days ago#11
Byleth seduces and f***s Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude and Rhea. She then uses her newfound control over these extremely thirsty individuals to have them sit down and talk things out, and also f***, whether they like it or not.

If anyone does not comply with these terms, they are then denied further sexy time with Byleth, to people like Edelgard and Rhea, this is probably the worst punishment imaginable, thus forcing them into talks with each other to set everything straight.

If Dimitri plays nice, then he gets to go full throttle during sexy time with Byleth. The sheer force generated from this particular sexy time shakes the earth to its very core, causing a cave-in and Shambala and killing all of Those Who Slither in the Dark.

Claude is Claude, he'd just go along with it all.

Harem Ending is Golden Ending.
When playable Anna in Three Houses?
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User Info: Kantiran

4 days ago#12
After the "where the goddess dwells" chapter Edelgard actually starts communicating with the others and is shown the truth about Fodlan. Together Hubert and Claude figure out a long-term plan to fight TWS. Edelgard seemingly still starts the war (I think it still needs to happen to make the story work) but everyone are secretly helping each other to keep civilian casualties to a minimum and after the timeskip we get into a CF-like stalemate (the last-pre-timeskip chapter is the "defend the monestary chapter).

After thetimeskip Byleth and Edelgard seemingly "defeat" the alliance similarly to CF but everyone gets to Almyra and Claude starts preparing the forces there. Now that TWS thinks they are winning they are lured out into the open.

All 4 factions now start actively going against TWS and only TWS. TWS sees no other choice but to re-awaken Nemesis. Here the war will be more than 1 chapter like in GD but a bit of back and forth but in the end he and TWS are defeated.

The 3 lords form a huge-continental alliance, Rhea steps down and lets Byleth take over as archbishop (or if you want she can sacrifice herself in Shambala again) and each faction does their own reformation of the crest system without interference from any other faction.

User Info: Panthera

4 days ago#13
I include a copy of Revelation on the cartridge with all the names changed to sound more appropriate

User Info: quanticdream

4 days ago#14
So, you know how in the beginning you shield Edelgard from that bandit?
Well, this time you don't.

User Info: Samaellives91

4 days ago#15
Byleth becomes the Janitor instead of a teacher. Whenever s*** goes down he's just like "Welp, not my responibility".

Meanwhile Cyril is internally screaming in the corner.
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User Info: chicksan

4 days ago#16
Dekadense posted...
You jump off a bridge, fight ghosts and a dragon controlling them.

The end!

Now I realised that Revelation is Corrin's hallucination
Byleth early on meets somebody named Endgame. Endgame decided to team up with Byleth not knowing that he has a loli in his head. With Endgame’s help, Edelgard realized that she has ridiculously dumb logic and after having a depressing realization Edelgard stops using her Flame Emperor persona before any real harm was done and stays with the church. Along with aborting all plans that the empire has made and breaking her deal with TWSiTD. This angers them. This would be after the first Death Knight encounter. When all this happened, Flayn was kidnapped by Tomas instead of Death Knight. Endgame swiftly lands the finishing blow against Solon and he teleports away. With that they saved Flayn and Endgame suppressed his urge to throw her into the woodchipper. This means that everyone knows about the evil people way sooner. After the battle of the eagle and lion. The Remire village chapter happened normally except without the big reveal of Solon and Death Knight isn’t there.

My father outwitted Solon and defeated him with correct logic. Solon teleports away again. Intel of TWSiTD and Monica is given by Edelgard and they are able to start a War right after the ball chapter where Jeralt survived because Endgame was there and Monica was caught by the Knights before even getting close to Jeralt. Monica then bolts and they locate her at the forest. Byleth fights Kronya like normally and get trapped in the darkness. Byleth gains all of Sothis’ power and etc. Rhea decides to start war with the Agarthans and they raid the Holy Tomb as she was doing the ritual thing again. After that they attack the monastery and Byleth falls in a hole and dies once again. Byleth goes through the same thing once again and meets his students of whichever house he picked at the church. Dimitri isn’t edgy and simply lost his eye to an Agarthan attack. Cornelia did put him out of power though. Edelgard isn’t evil and has Death Knight with her. At the same place, Endgame shows up and brought the rest of the church (including Jeralt) besides Rhea who has gone missing again. Depending on who’s house you picked you’d go meet up with the other house leaders along with the members of that house who then play an equally important role as the initial house. After meeting up with the second house, the story gets on course and to the point where it will be the same no matter what. After taking out Cornelia and helping Rodrigue and Gwendal they head to Enbarr to take out Aegir who started collaborating with TWSiTD and help Randolph, Ladislava and Randolph’s sister that I forgot the name of.

After a lot of chapters it is found that Rhea has been taken by Thales. The reason he kept her alive is to collect her blood. Thales was killed my Endgame who outwitted Thales by redirecting his ballistic missiles to Agartha. Thales’ last words were “You are too late”. After saving Rhea, she joins the group as a playable character. The group ponder what that means as Myson attacks outside Garreg Mach to create a diversion. Myson reveals that the 10 Elites were resurrected upon his death. Everyone fights Nemesis but he’s unable to be beaten by anyone but Endgame. So Endgame utterly destroyed Nemesis as Nemesis begs for his life and cries but Endgame doesn’t give mercy.

Morale of the story. My father was the true hero.

Also Sothis came back somehow but Endgame threw her in the chipper.
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Well, keeping this short (EDIT: I TRIED) I think a golden path would be having all the students survive, and Fodlan united. To that end, I think Byleth needs to be smarter and figure things out sooner, and get information from people instead of accepting answers of "I'll tell you later." Knowing what motivates Rhea and the three house leaders early on is key to getting them all to live.

From there, Byleth needs to get Edelgard to open up to others (like on her route) and trust Dimitri and Claude, so they learn of Thales. Dimitri's rage needs to be directed at his uncle (and not Edelgard) so let crazy Dimitri run his course, but on the right enemy. Claude needs to trust Edelgard, period. If all that can happen, it doesn't matter what house you pick at the start: all will need to come together to fight Thales.

How I see it going down is that Edelgard tells the others of what is going, and Thales see this as a betrayal, and tries to kill/replace Edelgard with one if his agents. Edelgard is forced to flee the Empire, going underground (good way to bring in Ashen wolves...) and has to work with the others to reclaim the empire. Those who knew the 'real' Edelgard (aka her classmates) know the difference, and support the real her, but the off screen nobles remain 'the bad guys.' You keep battles like Gronder Field, Fort merceus, Enbarr, battle with Thales; maybe like Cornelia get the Silver maidan stage somehow. A new stage centering around Dimitri learning about his step mother, and getting some closure there. A new stage with Almyra, where Thales stages a border incident to try and get Almyra to invade, and Claude has to help calm things down and explore the prejudice angle and his desire to open borders. A new stage where Edelgard fights some of her people and has to convince them she is the true Edelgard (excuse to recruit Ladislava, Randolph, Jerzita, etc).

End result, Fodlan is reunited not as the Empire, Kingdom, or Alliance, but as a united country with a new name. Claude does his dissapearing act and returns to Almyra. Edelgard is the hesitant ruler, unsure of how people will react to her having this war done by her imposter (setting up story arcs for a possible sequel and/or DLC similar to Elincia being undermined). Dimitri takes his cue from Ephraim/Elincia arc, and knows he is a better warrior than a king after his crazed meltdown period, and renounces the throne to better support the country/El. Rhea, having lost nearly all her power, retires her position in the church and goes into a long slumber under Garreg Mach. Byleth leads Church and supports Edelgard. Church is reformed to open borders, fulfilling promise to Claude.

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User Info: Almar100

4 days ago#19
Byleth uses bad writing magic. The end.

What? You didn't expect anything else did you? This isn't Fates where the countries/factions are only fighting from Anankos/Garon being a meanie.

User Info: hihi123hihi

4 days ago#20
Make it a continuation of the Cindered Shadows story and make the structure similar. No calendar system, fixed classes, etc. However it has more chapters (around 13-15 or so) and you can recruit all the characters in this story albeit with fixed classes so unlike Cindered Shadows you have a variety of units to choose from. It'd be more like a traditional FE game.

The story starts from after Byleth wakes up after 5 years. When they go to the monastery they meet up with the Ashen Wolves who've returned to the Abyss. Due to the increasing number of thieves in the ruins of the monastery and Aelfric's death, Abyss isn't very safe which is why the AWs returned. Even if they don't like the church much, they recognize that it's presence discouraged intruders from attacking so they decide to rescue Rhea in order to restore the church. You soon get the support of the knights of Seiros and you get the church members added to your party (and Anna for those who care). In later chapters you'll also be able to recruit the BL and GD students and even Claude and Dimitri. You can also recruit BE students, Manuela, and Hanneman on your way to Edelgard. Might as well also throw in the real Monica and Judith as playable characters. Monica could have been living in Abyss all those years and be the fifth member of the Ashen Wolves.

Then you finally face Edelgard. You defeat her in battle and have her cornered, and Dimitri tries to give her a second chance like he did in BL. But then TWSITD appears and attempts to attack both Dimitri and Edelgard but Byleth blocks the attack. But the attack was a teleporting spell and they manage to kidnap Byleth. It turns out that TWSITD were the ones who manipulated Aelfric into obtaining the chalice and trying to resurrect Byleth's mom. This was just one of their experiments from which they figured out they can weaponize it. During the chaos that Edelgard caused by attacking the monastery at the start of the war, they managed to steal the chalice. They were planning to use it by sacrificing Edelgard and Dimitri to it, but they got lucky and caught Byleth whose soul is merged with Sothis so they use the chalice to fuse Byleth with Nemesis which results in dark Sothis. Dimitri and Claude manage to persuade Edelgard to give up her ambitions and help them deal with the bigger problem at hand. She frees Rhea who replaces Byleth on your team. She has the same level and stats as your Byleth but is in the Archbishop class rather than Enlightened One. Edelgard, Hubert, and Jeritza also join at this point. Rhea manages to persuade Macuil and Indech to help because the problem involves Sothis, and they join your team in their human forms.

The penultimate battle is against a Demonic version of Sothis's dragon form which can summon human-form Sothis clones, similar to the format of the final chapter of Cindered Shadows. It can summon both normal Sothises and dark Sothises which use Faith and Dark magic respectively. Once you defeat it, it sucks up the life forces of all the remaining TWSITD members to and becomes even stronger. Rhea, Macuil, Indech, and Seteth (Flayn not included) all turn into dragon forms. This leads into the final chapter where you don't deploy any human units but can control the four dragons against the boss. It's basically a gimmicky chapter and the previous chapter is supposed to be the hard part.

Demon Sothis is finally beaten and in the following cutscenes it tries to deal one final blow to kill everyone but Rhea and the three Saints (barring Flayn) give up their life to stop it. It then breaks down bringing back Byleth who's dying because it'd be BS if they survived that. Rhea manages to speak with Byleth in their dying moments, but then Sothis's spirit manages to appear in that moment. Rhea is finally able to see her mother one last time and dies in peace. Then we see the house leaders saying their final goodbyes to their professor before he/she dies with a smile on their face. Byleth has one final conversation with Sothis in the Holy Tomb before their spirits both disappear.

In the aftermath of the war, the Church loses much of its power due to losing Rhea. It's still the predominant religion of Fodlan, but holds no political power. Claude returns to Almyra to do his stuff there and the Alliance rejoins with the Kingdom which is ruled by Dimitri. Edelgard is still the emperor of the Empire and is in a truce with the Kingdom. While she didn't manage to unite all of Fodlan, she's satisfied with the Church's influence being severely diminished. Also due to Sothis dying for good, the Crests have started to disappear and the Relics have become useless. The only exception is Flayn who vanishes after helping to restore the Church.

The religion's history is revised now that the truth had been revealed, and Byleth is also worshipped as the reincarnation of Sothis. Meanwhile, Yuri cunningly takes advantage of the Church's situation and becomes a prominent figure in the Church. Yuri uses his position to basically turn the Church into a charity organization, which was also made possible because the Church no longer has to deal with politics and can devote more effort to helping those in need like those in Abyss. Yuri is loved by the people of Abyss just like Aelfric was in the past. Garreg Mach Monastery now takes in students from all backgrounds and doesn't require students to have any sort of endorsement.

And there's your "golden" route. All four factions come to an agreement and none of the students die (assuming you didn't let them die with permadeath on) but there are still major consequences.
(edited 4 days ago)
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