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Sethman409 posted...
Quite cheesy and kind of generic "power of friendship" stuff, but I also like the ability to see supports between Rhea and Edelgard.

well any golden route will be cheesy it’s all about how it’s done

crazy thing! Yours is done in act 1 and makes act 2 about something new

and mine makes act 1 Completely different but act 2 is kinda similar just new maps and enemies but similar storylines

AlexGamer posted...
No, the fact that in your ending the three factions remain the same already makes this a non golden route, in the first place the war starts because of that reason, and the story constantly showcases how terrible the situation is in every country for the general people of Fodlan, so the factions remaining standing just for the sake of one or two lords surviving already makes this a worse ending then the ones we're given in the base game.

no, alliance is with the kingdom, empire is ruled by Edelgard now, Claude is ending racism and Byleth reforms the church! I mentioned this.
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