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Again mine and maybe many others will be spoiling all 4 routes and dlc so be careful reading!

i don’t want a golden route but if I had to do it I think I’d do something like this:
It would be the hardest mode.

Byleth somehow manages not to become a teacher but remains as faculty. He still goes on the missions, but his team is made up from the 3 classes, cycling through each month. The students in your team that month get training from you (the goals you set last while they’re not on your team so they gain some exp and skill level but you can’t adjust it between months)

At some point, the game breaks into a similar arc as Cindered Shadows (not the full thing as the back half is moved into sidequests or later game). But the Abyss students become your permanent allies, as you are the faculty member in charge of Abyss.

Edelgard starts her war, and you control the entire map (she also gets a lot more allies in this route, including Aelfric and his mercs who she joined with as he is willing to work with TWSITD and even dismantle the church as he feels so betrayed he Rhea)

boom you die!

when you come back to the monestary; the reunion is abyss students, not any of the houses; but they are hiding underground. Who you actually see first is Dimitri in his crazed state. You do a bandit slaying arc that leads you to finding many BL and Gilbert. As well as some GD.

this follows a similar arc to AM, but when dimtiri’s mind is restored (earlier in this one) the first thing you do is find Claude and save him, Claude and Judith join. But they don’t kill Thales.

they team up against edelgard, but she held Aelfric kidnap the Ashen Wolves and perform the ritual which morphs him and your mom into a dragon. Edelgard stands back while you begin to infiltrate his ranks, Rhea joins as a green unit can’t get exp. As the fight with Aelfric winds down, Rhea loses her mind from overuse of dragon state. When you have to kill her, Edelgard puts her differences aside to fight her. This leads to her joining to fight Aelfric as well.

her we have a serious round table and discussion and now that Rhea is dead, and Seteth is willing to put Byleth in charge of the church, Edelgard tells us about TWSITD, and we have to kill them.

then they all get their endings but they rule together (Dimitri ruling Kingdom and Alliance, Edelgard ruling Empire, and Claude ruling Almyria)
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