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User Info: CrystalTsubaki

1 month ago#1
Hello, I recently came back to the game with the release of the new DLC...I've only beaten one house (golden deer) path before on maddening. I plan to do blue lions this run maddening again but with new game + and I wanted some advice on the team I had in mind.

I like to keep only one of each class to make things versatile and it makes it fun for me. I also wanted to use all the characters from the house or are from the kingdom (AKA Catherine + Gilbert)...I'm considering benching Casper forever and only using him for the paralogue and using Hapi as my dancer instead since she's actually from the kingdom.

I planned to do: Byleth (I wanted her to use bows this time around): myrmidon --> brigand --> archer --> sniper (maybe trickster instead and just use bows instead of swords? I can use renown to skill up her faith + swords) --> bow knight or leave as sniper depending on what I do with Ashe.

Dmitri: myrmidon --> brigand --> lord --> unique classes

Felix: myrmidon --> brigand --> thief --> assassin --> sword master (maybe mortal savant depending on his magic growth)

Dedue: myrmidon --> brigand --> grappler --> Fortress knight/war monk (I wanted to get pavise but brawl avoid 20 from DLC class looks great too) --> war master

Sylvain: solider --> brigand --> mercenary/cavalier (haven't decided yet) --> paladin --> dark knight

Annette: monk --> mage --> priest --> warlock --> dark flier --> gremory

Mercedes: monk --> priest --> mage --> bishop --> valkyrie --> holy knight

Ingrid: solider --> brigand --> peagasus knight --> paladin --> falcon knight

Ashe: fighter --> brigand --> archer --> sniper/wyvern rider --> bow knight/wyvern lord

Caspar: myrmidon --> mercenary --> dancer (I'm recuiting him for mercades paralogue so may as well use him and I don't want anyone else to be my dancer besides maybe Hapi)

Catherine: ??? I have no clue what the heck to do with her besides leave her as swordmaster. Should I make her go back and get class mastery skills from brigand and stuff? Would that hurt her growths too much?

Gilbert: Get him to great knight ASAP. I don't know much about him besides that he was suicidal in my original run through the game.

Any advice would be appreciated.

User Info: Taiphlosion

1 month ago#2
Just some minor advice
Don't ever go Soldier. Go either Myrmidon or fighter on all physical units. +2 STR/SPD is good, and you will be maxing the base classes.

DON'T go Dark Knight with Sylvain. It's useless. Stay at paladin, Death Blow + Lancefaire + Swift Strikes is too good.
Don't go Holy Knight with mercedes. If you're raising Lance + riding (and you are, otherwise she wouldn't be a holy knight), go Dark Knight instead.
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User Info: Homura_Maxwell

1 month ago#3
Don't make Ingrid a Paladin, make her a Wyvern Knight, it gives a strength bonus, a speed bonus, and all the boons to being a flier. Since you're going Brigand anyway, it should be possible
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User Info: Tombstone1988

1 month ago#4
For NG+, most of what you listed should be fine. Min-maxing isn't as important on NG+. A few points I'd make:

1.) Like Taiphlosion said, don't bother with Soldier. It isn't really worth it.

2.) Don't bother with Holy Knight for Mercedes. Just stick with Valkyrie. The new DLC class is actually better than Holy Knight in almost every way, so there's little point in taking that promotion.

3.) For Sylvain, technically staying as Paladin is better. However, if you find Dark Knight more fun, then go for it. It's still good enough.

4.) For Catherine, you could try the new War Cleric DLC class with her. She's good with fists, and it's a decent class. Could be fun.

5.) For Annette, I'd stay as Dark Flier. IMO, the movement and damage is better than the double casts.

User Info: 1000cris

1 month ago#5
Theres nothing wrong with soldier, +2 str or speed isnt really worth a slot especially when weight-3 exists, and reposition is lowkey a clutch combat art that lets you snipe some enemies safely, or move a unit two extra spaces in a turn. Assassin felix kicks ass so you got a good idea there, the +1mov and shade for invisible wall strats is prolly better than swordmaster tbh.

Dedue is never doubling without combat arts, but if certifying myrmidon gives a permanent speed boost then go for it.

^ dont go paladin ingrid, speed is all she has and that class unfortunantly doesn't help with it. Wyvern rider is a nice stop gap class to get until falcon knight that doesn't require too much tutoring, and the str boost will certainly help alleviate that 35% growth.

User Info: Ridelwofr

1 month ago#6
I don't think you can master two intermediate classes for everyone without grinding.

User Info: CrystalTsubaki

1 month ago#7
I was able to master two intermedite classes in my first run on golden deer but that was without ng+ perks, so maybe not this time around...

How come everyone is so against holy knight? I never tried it out before so I was thinking of giving it a whirl this time around to see what it's about.

Thanks for the tips for Sylvain, I know he has some magic growth on his own and he has the budding talent for reason so I thought it'd be a good fit overall but I guess not.

It completely slipped my mind that wyvern rider is an advanced class, was too focused on the master classes haha. Yeah that's a lot better then getting her riding up for no reason. It's better to just stick her there.

For leaving Mercades and Annette as valkyrie & dark flier, is the DLC classes basically the same as advanced classes? Or are they about the same scale as intermediate classes? I don't really know where on the spectrum they are. Is it okay to just leave them instead of switching to an advanced/master class?

Thanks for all the tips and feedback, really appeciate it. My knowledge of the game is a bit rusty since I haven't played in forever.

User Info: Ssa00

1 month ago#8
There's no need to invest in Caspar just for the Mercedes paralogue. I used him at level 24 and he did fine his paralogue in NG maddening (for comparison, the rest of the team was around level 35). I did postpone recruiting him until he reached level 20+ and then have him study fist+authority to make him grappler for the fistfaire. With silver+ gauntlets and C rank battalion, he did above 10 HP damage to the Death Knight (I never tutor him). Enough to kill wounded DK and get the sweet scythe for Dimitri.

I had Ingrid as dancer and having a dancer with physic in chapter 13 helps. But, if you want Holy Knight, perhaps her? She has seraphim, which is super useful. Holy Knight issue is the spell count is limited and her str and mag are so middling though and IMHO not worth correcting both stat with stat booster when you can improve better characters.

Having Ashe as flyer with deadeye, hit+20, and accuracy ring. Even underlevelled and str/spd stat screwed, he can get high 80% hit rate against the poison strike archers, and with rallies from Annette, he can kill them in 2-3 hits (he was level 23 or 24 then, for comparison, Dimitri was 31 and the rest was 27-28). Once one or both of those archers are gone, Dimitri and Byleth can move out of the starting spot pretty risk free since Dimitri can tank the melee double attacks with swordbreaker (they can move earlier though if you're ok with gambling with enemy hit rates but I once had a stat screwed Dimitri who was weaker than Sylvain despite being 4 levels higher and found this strategy). After that, he does well with brave bows and with his high mov and high accuracy, he was the pegasus/falcon knights hunter in the team.

Swordmaster 5 mov hurts a melee based attacker like Catherine. Assassin may be best for Catherine. Get her alert stance on the side (alert stance+ may be hard without reclassing as flyer).

Perhaps swap Felix to bow knight or sniper? Sniper with hunter's volley with killer bow and crit build is amazing. His personal batallion gives 20% crit too. Bow knight's range will be a lifesaver but if you want Bow Based Byleth, this class may be better for him/her since they'd like high mov and canto to be near the fighters to give out that 1.2x exp and stat boost to those people. Not sure about trickster but I think Byleth faith spell list sucks.

Dedue is best as fortress knight adjutant to Dimitri for the +3 damage because magic really rips him so deploying him post TS is just increasing the frustration level.

Gilbert can be great knight and an adjutant. Same issue with Dedue as he's even bigger problem with mages.

Sylvain may want to go Paladin for the double lance faire powered swift strike. Swift strike is just so good so it's all he needs.

Annette wants high mov to ensure she can rally. Any class where she can use magic and has high move is good (i.e. not gremory). Mercedes can be bishop or gremory. Her heal spell range is so huge anyway (20+ for physic, 10+ for fortify) she doesn't need mov.

I also am of the opinion that reposition under the right lance leaning people with enough bulk and/or canto, like Dimitri and Sylvain, is a life saver. Dimitri in particular is Enemy Phase based character, so he doesn't mind spending his player phase repositioning people that're in bad positions so he can protect them.

Dimitri doesn't need brigand's deathblow and he doesn't need much speed. He just needs accuracy, authority and lances for the sweet B.Wrath and B.Vantage and he'll excel even with 0% growth. Wasting his time learning anything else just makes the game harder when you can get his broken build as early as chapter 7 and then sit back and watch him decimate the maps and any non-monster enemies in one hit. The only hiccup pre TS is that he need better hit rates to be more reliable against pegasus knights. To copy paste myself from other thread.

Ssa00 posted...
There's no luck needed for Dimitri. He has 90%+ crit by Post TS gronder even before wrath in PP. 35% from killer lance, 15-20% from batallion, 10% from ring, 10% from weapon S rank. That's 75% and add in good dex and ok luck. Great Lord base stat gives him 11% crit already and high lord gives 10%. In EP add in 50% from b.wrath to get 140%+. You can get even higher crit speccing him to swords.

Non boss human enemies crit avoid from weapons and luck won't reach 40% with endgame mortal savant maxing at 38%. Even if he is super str screwed, he'll OHKO any non fortress knight enemies (need 3 +str level ups to OHKO endgame mortal savant assuming killer lance+, dedue adj and no other support, 2 lancefaires, king of lions battalion and great lord) and will 1RKO fortress knights (need 25 +str level ups to OHKO instead of 1RKO fortress knights, which avg Dimitri can get by endgame).

Just make sure to slap retribution, keep his str and hit rate high and never heal his batallions (there are a few high crit batalllions that you can rotate for him if needed, king of lions, fladarius, leicester, goneril, BL knights on top of my head and he dosn't need high attack bonus too since his str is high).

Compared to other chars who can pull vantage and wrath shenanigans, Dimitri is just less effort and gets the combo faster (I got it by chapter 9 because I rotated him out during paralogues when overlevelled and skipped him during some tutoring sessions, some got it by chapter 7 with lance + authority study plan and dedicated tutoring and tutoring luck).

If you want slightly more challenge, forego the above vantage/wrath setup and build him as dodge tank (Dancer class and sword focus - he'll like the windsweep art). Dancer +20 avo, his personal +20 avo, sword prowess +20 avo, alert stance +15 avo (alert stance+ may be hard as dancer), adjutant +10 avo, battalion 15-20% avo and evasion ring will net you 100-105% avo before stats and supports are factored in.

User Info: Taiphlosion

1 month ago#9
CrystalTsubaki posted...
How come everyone is so against holy knight? I never tried it out before so I was thinking of giving it a whirl this time around to see what it's about.
Its skills are white tomefaire, canto and terrain resistance. Other than Canto, which all mounted classes have, they're useless.

Most white magic is supportive, not offensive, and the few offensive ones sort of suck. Holy Knight doesn't increase the amount of magic you heal, nor does it increase the amount of magic spells you have. So it's completely outclassed by dark knight for most mages, which can heal just as well as HK.

And this is specially true for mercedes, since her ONLY offensive white magic is Nosferatu.
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User Info: DoomWarrior

1 month ago#10
Taiphlosion posted...
Just some minor advice
Don't ever go Soldier. Go either Myrmidon or fighter on all physical units. +2 STR/SPD is good, and you will be maxing the base classes.

reposition is way better than any of the stat +2 skills which get replaced very quickly. Getting repo on your fliers or even horses will be insanely useful all game
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