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  3. Let's think of reasons Byleth's mothe chose Jeralt over the other guy (spoilers)

User Info: Lizuka

2 days ago#11
aimingdevice posted...
This whole situation reminds me of a certain popular book series.

I'm talking about the Harry Potter series with Snape and Harry's mother
I'd say it's way more comparable to Gunnerkrigg Court if Eglamore went nuts, but then that's a lot more obscure.

User Info: Baby_Rool

2 days ago#12
Based on what I can make of it all, it was a case of "I want my beloved to be happy."
He made it verbally clear he was happy to see her happy and nothing more.
He had grown very attached to her however and went about it in a crazed manner.
Even if the ritual was able to bring regular dead people back to life, I doubt Sitri would be pleased that 4 people almost (Or did) die to revive her.
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User Info: End_of_Day

2 days ago#13
merc bois > church bois
Also with the 20 year time gap shouldn't aelfric have been like, very young compared to Jeralt at the time?

User Info: Zinie95

2 days ago#15
Jeralt is a lot hotter. Also abs.

User Info: AlexGamer

2 days ago#16
TwerpKnight posted...
Jeralt is exotic to her. Could make her smile. But most importantly; he gave her a flower in that one cutscene still. Ladies love flowers.
*b****es love flowers
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User Info: omega7887

2 days ago#17
Probably because she noticed that Aelfric is one creepy boi.
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User Info: Taiphlosion

2 days ago#18
Guy is a creep
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User Info: x_Paradise

2 days ago#19
He's a cuck

User Info: Silvaten

2 days ago#20
Big dong
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  3. Let's think of reasons Byleth's mothe chose Jeralt over the other guy (spoilers)
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