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  3. Does anyone have a good reason for siding with Edelgard? (CF route spoilers)

User Info: StellaLunaris

4 days ago#21
EpicJourney posted...
Considering she has no problem giving Metodey and the others permission to kill her friends if they try to prevent them from defiling this place they've called home for the last year, I think I'm going to choose the safety of six of my students over the safety of one.

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User Info: LadyNihilist

4 days ago#23
Among the Black Eagles, Ferdinand specifically believes it's his duty to advise Edelgard and correct her when she missteps unless Byleth convinces him that she's just plain wrong. Petra believes that siding with the Empire (and an Emperor sympathetic to Brigid) is better for Brigid than siding with the Kingdom or Alliance (whose stances on foreign relations are unclear to her, but probably xenophobic like Fodlan in general) unless Byleth convinces her otherwise. All of Dorothea's potential meal tickets are imperial except if she's recruited elsewhere or Byleth convinces her otherwise. Bernadetta is too timid to go against her family and her classmates without support. Caspar realizes that his father is in on Edelgard's plan and is wary of going against him. Linhardt likely correctly believes that siding against the empire means he'll have no choice but to fight. In general, don't underestimate the weight of fealty in a pseudo-medieval context. Siding against their emperor makes them traitors, which is traditionally Bad on the level of breaking guest right or killing your parents, and they're not just gonna do that if they have nowhere to go afterwards.

Not to mention that if they don't side with Edelgard, they'll still have everyone around them looking at them with suspicion (what if they're spies?) unless they have Byleth/classmates from another house to vouch for them. Might be that they consider siding with the empire the best of a bunch of bad choices.
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User Info: razzyhealer

4 days ago#24
Most reasons of some characters can be flexible. Above all, trusting Byleth is one key detail.

The only oddity to me might be Mercedes. She was born to a house of nobles in the empire, but she and her mother were abandoned by the empire. I suppose she could always go back, and she does long to be connected to her brother Emil.
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User Info: 0Swordsman0

4 days ago#25
Mercedes: She is originally from the empire, she complains about the corruption of the church if she sides with Edelgard, and her brother of course is siding with the empire.
Sylvain: Absolutely despises the noble and crest system. Edelgard is his best shot for getting rid of both. She of course originally left the empire due to the nobility system's corruption which Edelgard is trying to destroy.
Felix: He is angry with Ditmri and his father and wants to forge his own path in life. He can't do that within the kingdom.
Ashe: He wants revenge against the church for his brother and Lonato. Isn't really a fan of the noble system either.
Marianne: Idol worships Edelgard if she sides Edelgard she also talks about the church's corruption and how she wants to fight. She absolutely despises crests just like Sylvain and Lysithea.
Lorenz: Comes from an extremely pro-empire family.
Lysithea: Very obvious reasons.

Those are all the students that make perfect sense to fight alongside Edelgard.
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User Info: AirRoar

4 days ago#26
chughes724 posted...
You know Edelgard. You know her morals and ideals. You know she’s not evil.


Lets ignore the fact that I guessed the Flame Emperor's identity way before the big reveal, and ignore the fact that you (the player) knows long before the big choice that the Flame Emperor hired bandits to kill a bunch of students, loaned the Death Knight to TWSiTD ("A group of people I abhor, but no really take my Death Knight please!").

We first learn of the Flame Emperor's existence at Flayn's abduction where "he" commands the Death Knight to stand down. Later at the plague village the same Death Knight shows up working around if not with TWSiTD soldiers. We are suppose to completely ignore those facts in our decision making process?

I found it hilarious how the story swept Byleth's acceptance of the Death Knight, and the fact that Ed was working along side TWSiTD under the rug. Especially when Manuela "forgives" the Death Knight after a heartfelt apology.

Mjolnirboi posted...
Felix is the worst fitting recruit on CF in the entire game.

I don't know. Felix makes good husband material for Bernadetta.
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User Info: BloodMoon7

4 days ago#27
I'd kill her no questions asked. While I don't doubt Edelgard believes in her convictions, she DID raise a sword to me and my dear students. They could've easily been hurt since even if she said she didn't want to kill them, it's hard to take that at face value with demonic beasts, evil mages and Mr. "It's fine to kill you she says so who wants to be slicey dicey first?" Metodey all charging at us.

Regardless of her reasons, she could've hurt my precious students. If I have to choose between one student and literally all my students aside from her, OF COURSE I'm going to kill Edelgard.

More importantly, it's what she'd want. As early as Mutiny in the Mist she admits she's like Lord Lonato, willing to sacrifice lives for her goals. It's in line with her ideology to die at the sword. Those who raise a weapon must be ready to die. So she who raised an army must be prepared to die. I think she'd be proud of my decision. I'm acting like her after all.
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User Info: ColdOne666

4 days ago#30
Jeralt literally tells you Rhea is dangerous and untrustworthy.

You then find out she wants to sacrafice you to get her mother back.

Edit : Not to mention she routinely commits genocide against anyone who goes against the corrupt church.
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  3. Does anyone have a good reason for siding with Edelgard? (CF route spoilers)
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