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User Info: Kantiran

1 week ago#21
Hayas***akara posted...
you're suppose to insert yourself into Byleth, Byleth completely depends on your ability to do so.
I think there aren't enough dialogue choices for that to really work. It's not like a Pillars of Eternity or something where you have often have 5+ dialogue choices that can really change the way a conversation is going. And it's also not that Byleth has no personality at all. It's just not a very interesting personality.

Overall I think JRPGs (and storytelling wise it pretty much is a JRPG) just work better with clear, premade protagonists. That is one of the reasons why I like really Azure Moon: Byleth isn't as present in BL and when he is he actually does interesting things and shows that he has a personality.

User Info: Moranite

1 week ago#22
Hayas***akara posted...
btw, you should totally play the Baldur's Gate series (also now on the switch) greatest RPG of all time.
I do need to play Baldur's Gate. Funny, this is the last place I expected to be reminded of it.
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User Info: Sentinel07

1 week ago#23
If they continue with Avatars, I'd like them to be silent rather than talking (Both Robin and Corrin irritate me honestly).

However, they could stand to give them better ways to show off personality. Atlua games are very good in this regard as characters like Joker have a ton of personality even when they're silent.

User Info: Extreme_light

1 week ago#24
AlexGamer posted...
How dare you compare Tofu san to Byleth, that tofu displayed more emotions when it died than Byleth will in his entire life.

And fried tofu is absolutely delicious

User Info: HayashiTakara

1 week ago#25
MellowV2 posted...
I like Byleth but it looks too weird when you choose a dialogue option and he just f***ing waves his hands around. TALK dammit.

I like being a strategist in Fe7. It was a way better self insert character. Byleth just feels like a mute kid you're looking after.

there's so much contradiction in this statement
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User Info: KojaxFX

1 week ago#26
lame Charlotte
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User Info: CarefreeDude

5 days ago#27
Moranite posted...
I do need to play Baldur's Gate. Funny, this is the last place I expected to be reminded of it.

Minsc and Boo are two of my favorite characters.
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User Info: _Saint_Boot_

5 days ago#28
It would actually be much more interesting to me if a character in a game was a true mute, instead of silent protag. At least then there would be a reason for it, and there are indeed ways you can still teach despite not having a voice.

I'm role playing in Far Cry 5 right now as a mute woman. I just wish that game would let us join the cult and fight the law, that would be so awesome, imo. Tired of always being a good girl in games.
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User Info: Yellow_King

5 days ago#29
Byleth is a "He".

User Info: Andros-2k10

5 days ago#30
Give the guy/girl a break. They were born without a heartbeat and emotions. The baby didn't even cry so obviously it isn't even real so I don't understand what all the fuss is about.
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