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Roy doesn't need to be amazing a combat. Just improve his bases and earlier promotion will make him good enough. Maybe make rapier slightly stronger so he can help fight early game armors and horses.

Roy growths are overall above average so if he had better bases and a early promotion he would be good enough to not be a giant liability.

In the end the most important things are the basics.

User Info: SavageJester

2 weeks ago#12
I believe we still may go back to Roy but Marcus is next on the list.

User Info: MonadoGuy25

2 weeks ago#13
SavageJester posted...
I believe we still may go back to Roy but Marcus is next on the list.
Make him a Cavalier, and buff his growth rates. Done, easy balance.

Nah but for real I think Marcus is fine as he is. He's one of the best units in the game for sure but he's still fairly well balanced.

User Info: DA125

2 weeks ago#14
Honestly, Marcus doesn't need any major changes, and guess what, neither do Alan and Lance.

To be honest with you, FE6!Marcus is probably an example of a jeigan done right. Early on, he's your strongest combat unit, but his base stats are noticeably worse than his FE7 counterpart's (e.g: he can't one round things without a stronger weapon) and his growth rates are insufficient for him to maintain his superiority as the game progresses. I mean, yes, you're probably going to drop him by the time you conclude the Western Isles arc (say, around Chapter 13), but he's quite serviceable until then.

As for Alan and Lance, I don't really need to comment here. They're pony riders with decentish bases and good enough growths, and can more or less perform fine without the need for buffs.

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I agree that Alan Lance and Marcus are all fine. Really the only thing I would even dream of is making Marcus's growth better if you wanted him to be a long term unit but that is only if you wanted that which is completely unneeded As he is now he is probably the best executed Jeigan in the series.
In the end the most important things are the basics.

User Info: Osumnis

2 weeks ago#16
I think FE6 is in a good position in that it's fun to play. Marcus is actually balanced, and I wish all the other early pre-promotes followed his example.

I wouldn't nerf a thing in FE6. I wouldn't bring any insane buffs either. Just make the worthless units more fun to use. Like give Sophia better growths.

I don't think Roy needs to be a good unit like other lords. He's kinda like the "King" peace in Chess, bad on his own, the one you must protect. I wouldn't mind an earlier promotion, because I think he'd still be pretty bad.
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User Info: Whisky

2 weeks ago#17
Yep, I agree that Marcus is fine as he is. He is well balanced. Great early game, decent mid game, weak late game.

Alan and Lance are fine as well. They are in a great class but there are much better combat units than them like Dieck and Rutger.
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User Info: 1000cris

2 weeks ago#18
Concur that Marcus is the best and buffing him would be a disservice. 9 STR plus iron sword is perfectly balanced to leave the plethora of axe fighters/soldiers on critical hp early on so ur scrubs can actually get kills safely, enough skill/luck to actually hit things with fe6 lances/axes, and tanky enough to not die in two hits. Overall one of if not the best 'jeigan' prepromotes in terms of doing what they were meant to do, carry ur team earlygame so your growth units can catch up and eventually surpass him.

After seeing how good bows/ archers and snipers can be in fates and even more so in three houses, I do wish they had more potential here.

The unit variety is nice, even if a little unbalanced it does make deaths more punishing.
(edited 2 weeks ago)

User Info: Chaosmark101

2 weeks ago#19
Roy could use a buff, I really Monadoguys idea of him having a pseudo leadership star kinda of ability tied to him.

Maybe if they gave him a skill it can be like a super version of charm. Also definitely needs an earlier promotion.

Roy wasn't terrible when I played FE6 but him being unpromoted when having to deal with waves of promoted Paladins or Wyvern Lords can be frustrating.

Wolt can use a buff, Bors can use a buff.
Lance and Allen are great as it.
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(edited 2 weeks ago)
Roy's problem isn't purely late promotion, since even post-promotion he's mediocre on utility and just decent at combat compared to the rest of your units.

Give him a promotion option around chapter 13, and actually give him a proper 'promotion'. A mount with lances like the other FE GBA lords would do huge amounts to help him actually be good throughout.

Archers in general need a big buff to stats to make up for near-complete lack of enemy phase. With just a couple of points here and there, Wolt for example will at best remain decent chip damage which is an issue that consistently plagues him. Like he needs +3 base Str and Spd to at least make him a player-phase killer, on top of a 20% growth increase to all stats.

The initial impression might be that this makes him really strong...and stat-wise it would, but it actually still doesn't overall. Lack of any way to retaliate the vast majority of enemies on enemy phase on top of no weapon triangle advantage ever means he can never even attempt a chapter solo or anything close. At his very peak he'll be a player-phase nuke especially for a lot of fliers, but that'll be it. About a 6-7/10 unit, but at least that's still good.
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