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User Info: Toadmode

4 weeks ago#31
FajitaEata posted...
Warlock Annette is rarely using lightning axe with 4 movement,
5 movement with March ring
she's never doubling unless against knights,
And Calvs. And certain monsters.
and she's rarely one shotting either.
Lmao I already showed you that at best (with a Silver Axe+), a Lightening Axe from a WR only has 2 or 3 damage more than a Excalibur from a Warlock Annette. I don't think you're using a Silver Axe+ at this point in the game, so Excalibur is probably as strong or stronger than a Wyvern Riders Lightening Axe.

Because I have +8 from a ground based battalion, and 3 extra magic as a Warlock, it makes my Excalibur a 22 mt ability, and this is all mt that you don't have access to as a WR.

At level 20, as a WR you will on average have 11 res (4 base from Annette, 3 for the first 10 levels, if you're lucky 4 from the 10-20 as a mage)

A Silver Axe+ has 17 mt. You get +4 base from Lightening Axe. This makes the ability a 24 mt ability.

That's right, even with the strongest weapon you have available you're only looking at a 2 mt advantage for a 30 hit drop lol.

So I don't know why you're acting like the damage difference is that big. If you are using anything less than Silver, you are losing in damage lol. It's not the difference you think it is.

She's chip damage while at the same tier, WR is nuking enemies with an equal effective range and more mobility. You say this isn't helpful in chapter 13 but I just replayed that one and my Annette absolutely made a huge difference.
Anecdotal. This isn't an Argument.

Hubert is a better mage than Annette and Dorothea is too the only redeaming thing about a 4 mov class is having 3 range spells which Annette just doesn't have. Lysithea gets away with it because thysarus which I guess could go to Annette but would be doing some seriously heavy favoritism at that point.
Hubert is locked to one route, and his magic combat art is worse. Dark Spikes is better end game than Excalibur, just due to more horses, but Frozen Lance is much worse than Lightening Axe and overlaps in utility with Dark Spikes. (Horseslayer frozen lance is redundant with Dark Spikes)


Probably the worst student mage in the game. A 40 % Magic Growth, her spell that she needs to OHK is locked behind A+ reason, it only has 2 uses, and she has the worst Magic Combat arte, Hexblade. Maybe you really like Physic or something. But from a combat perspective she's clearly inferior.

User Info: Pewpewblaster97

4 weeks ago#32
Toadmode posted...
She can double Calvs and certain monsters.
"How!? How do you polish Rust!?"
- Codsworth

User Info: Kiligar

4 weeks ago#33
I’m currently doing a New Game+ of Blue Lions. More like a New Game++ since I completed all three houses on Maddening , with choosing Church over Edelgard. I’ve been fascinated in theorizing the viability of magical weapons and combat arts. It first came to my attention with the idea of rallybot WyvernLord Annette, but I’ve always been averse to the idea of rallybots, they sound quite useless since another good unit would outclass rallybots as far as I’m concerned. Their only use seems to be early game since their stat boosts are most significant then, and killing bosses since not all units can take on certain bosses. However, when I looked at Lightning Axe on Serenes Forest the description of its damage being based on res instantly gave me an idea, using warding blow. I thought of a set where I can use warding blow since it increases res, and fiendish blow since it increase magical mt, and axefaire from S+ since I’m doing new game+, to really increase the damage of lightning axe. I’m yet to test this out since I’m only at chapter 5 of my new play through, but I wonder if any of you tried out this build? Also I decided that Dark Knight would be superior to Wyvern Lord, because it has higher res and magic to (theoretically, someone test it plz) more than compensate lack of built in Axefaire, and access to spells such as the aforementioned Excalibur, and although most of Annette’s spells are lackluster they can come in use for doubling armored units since the axes are so heavy. With black magic range+1 from S+ reason (New Game+ cheese), and the Caduceus staff since the Thysrus would be on Lysithea you can get 4 range spells for when the bolt axe+ can’t reach and canto safely away, or strange wall/room situations like on the final map of Blue Lions. My theoretical ideal setup would be Axe Prowess 5, Axefaire, Fiendish Blow, Warding Blow, and Black Magic Range+1. With one of those op gambits (can retribution be used on cavalry?) and Bolt Axe+ of course, Silver Axe+, maybe Devil Axe+, Accuracy Ring and Caduceus Staff. What do you think of this build?
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