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  3. Was there an explanation for the final boss for the GD route? *Spoilers*

User Info: RecklessGreen

1 month ago#1
Finally finished all four routes, man, what a game.

Anyways, I'm a bit stumped. Why did Nemesis suddenly appear in the GD route like that? This entire time, TWISTD kept him in the basement? That was weird. In SS, they just fought Rhea when she went berserk, was it because Rhea was kept in captivity for an extra month that he was free? But that still doesn't make sense, what was the actual trigger? Just wish we had a bit more background about the guy.

Still though, that final map and Song, was absolutely Sick!

User Info: Sentinel07

1 month ago#2
There's a lot of evidence to suggest Verdant Wind was copied from Silver Snow (rather than the other way around).

And sadly, they reuse SS's scenario without any differences so it comes off as awkward as why they differ so much.

If I would guess, I'd imagine Nemesis was a last resort plan should the Slithers fail.

User Info: 0Swordsman0

1 month ago#3
Well they had to come up with someone for the last boss for that route. I didn't see any reason to add it other then to make it not an exact clone of SS. Obviously Edelgard, Dimitri, or Rhea would be anti-climatic for Claude's route since none are really his sworn enemy. Personally I think it should have ended with Claude betraying everyone and launching an invasion as the head of the Almyran army. Would have been very in character for him and would have made sense since he just took out all the Fodlan leadership and would now just destroy the remnants to enforce the open borders he wants. Maybe they could have done an alt ending if his Byleth support was high enough he would join up with Fodlan and fight his father instead. I would made Nemesis the end boss for SS. Kept Rhea as the end boss for CF and Edelgard would be the endboss for AM.
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User Info: Ridelwofr

1 month ago#4
Cause they rushed the game.

User Info: Zeveria

1 month ago#5
Nemesis awoke due to the fall of Shambhala. Obviously they had his body because they needed a way to give Edelgard the Crest of Flames in the first place. More likely than not, he was also their trump card when Edelgard wore out her usefulness and they wanted to dispose of her.

Why didn't he wake up in SS? Because the Black Eagles needed to have a consistent final boss, so they had to randomly made Rhea go crazy...but only after she recovered from her trauma and had no reason to go crazy.
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  3. Was there an explanation for the final boss for the GD route? *Spoilers*
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