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  3. C/D: Fighting Aux Battles at least once a month is the optimal thing to do

User Info: New_Gen_Zero_2

4 weeks ago#1
Is it - Results (46 votes)
89.13% (41 votes)
10.87% (5 votes)
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User Info: Seishin

4 weeks ago#2
Optimal? Yes

It is necessary? No

User Info: Ice_General

3 weeks ago#3
I think doing it twice a month is better. If you really want to grind up your other units' levels, then do three times a month.
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User Info: charcoalswift

3 weeks ago#4
easiest way to get Deathblow and Fiendish blow
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User Info: DeviantRogue

3 weeks ago#5
I agree for the most part, but I wonder if it is worth doing more than once a month until your professor rank is at least C+ for two battles.

User Info: ArtiRock

3 weeks ago#6
I disagree. I believe that the best thing to do is get professor rank to A as soon as possible. There's enough time to be able to get skills without needing to do extra battles, and you just hurt the gains you'll be making potentially by not doing that.
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User Info: Whisky

3 weeks ago#7
Aux battles give reduced exp. The best thing you get out of them is class exp which is situationally useful. Some classes have amazing mastery abilities like Death Blow, Fiendish Blow etc. but then There are
classes with masteries that you don’t need. I think Exploring is better for Skill ranks, and of course raising your Professor level, and getting stat boosts from cooking.
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User Info: Metal Gear Raxis

Metal Gear Raxis
3 weeks ago#8
On mad, generally, but you might have to do two times a month to get all the part 1 paralogues done in time.
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User Info: Dekadense

3 weeks ago#9
I tend to do them mostly after C8 /finish the paralogues.

I usually the rare monster sighting early and the merchant quest battle together.

Rushing skill levels for advanced classes just too important.

User Info: DA125

3 weeks ago#10
Honestly, I would argue that it's more optimal to engage in auxiliary battles twice a month, and use the other two months for exploration to optimize exp/wexp gains for your students while also helping with building supports/Byleth's ranks/professor level. Or, at the very least, that is what I did.

My typical monthly schedule in this game generally goes:

Week 1: Explore
Week 2: Battle
Week 3: Explore
Week 4: Battle

With this setup, I do battle on weeks with rare monster sightings, thereby allowing me to stock up on rare forging materials (mostly mithril or wootz steel, since those tend to be in much shorter supply than the crapton of umbral that you get just by playing story maps). It is also a habit of mine to do exploration at the start of each month to check for new quests that can help raise professor exp/renown, as well as do some cooking to boost stats for that month. The weeks which I choose explore also usually coincide with some other event (e.g: fistfuls of fish). I very rarely do seminars or rest (the latter I might do if the SotC is at like 15 uses and I need it fully charged or smth and I don't feel like spending three umbrals to get it back to 20).

Have a nice day.
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  3. C/D: Fighting Aux Battles at least once a month is the optimal thing to do
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