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  3. Favorite recruitable adult in the game?

User Info: SegavsCapcom

1 week ago#1
How 'bout some loves for our golden oldies? - Results (64 votes)
Seteth (has something to ask of you)
21.88% (14 votes)
Hanneman (for research purposes, of course)
4.69% (3 votes)
Manuela (Christmas Cake)
10.94% (7 votes)
Gilbert (father of the year)
1.56% (1 vote)
Alois (sitcom dad)
9.38% (6 votes)
Catherine (Thunderbrand on legs)
9.38% (6 votes)
Shamir (hate her all you want)
42.19% (27 votes)
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User Info: Fresita

1 week ago#2
Shamir might be the most indispensable for me unit wise

Catherine is good but not indispensable to me, even so I always get her cause I like her and I am biased
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User Info: HermelinHero

1 week ago#3
I feel like once the Malig Knight DLC comes out Manuela is going to be significantly more useful as a mixed attacker and Flying Warp user

User Info: TurtleWarlord

1 week ago#4
I don't really ever use any of the adults, for many reasons. But if I had to say which is my favorite it's the only one I would use if I was forced to; Hannerman. I just like his personality, I am digging the mustache, and his stats arent half bad either.
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  3. Favorite recruitable adult in the game?
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