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  3. Is NG Maddening enjoyable/doable without tedious strategies?

User Info: mrdpcohen

1 month ago#1
My interest in Three Houses petered out about halfway through my first playthrough on Hard/Classic. For me, there was too much time spent between battles in the monastery, and the battles themselves were becoming frictionless and extremely easy.

I've tried a bit of NG Maddening but it seems…too punishing. I feel like none of the units, aside from Byleth and the relevant house leader, can get in any kills or experience. I've seen other posters mention exploiting heal tiles to power level, abusing Divine Pulse, leaving a single enemy alive and farming XP, etc.

My question: for those who've played it extensively, does NG Maddening allow you to use ALL the units in your house without resorting to bizarre strategies to level them? I'm fine with doing auxiliary battles, and in fact would prefer to do them—given that I feel the game spends too little time in battle without them. But I have no interest in planning each of my units down to their final class, using Divine Pulse to fish for better stat gains, cornering enemy healers and farming XP, etc. Basically, is Maddening on NG doable with straight-up careful tactics and thoughtful character planning without min/maxing or exotic and inobvious strategies? And without just power-leveling ~3 units and using the rest of your party to chip off small amounts of damage?

Should I push through and finish one playthrough on Hard? It sounds like NG+ Maddening might be a more satisfying difficulty.

User Info: Zeveria

1 month ago#2
I prefer to stick to NG+ Maddening personally and just limit my tools to Battallions and incremental professor rank. The XP from statues kept me at an appropriate level without grinding. Sticking to the suggested level (or lower for paralogues) I was able to use all units and never recruited.
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User Info: HayashiTakara

1 month ago#3

the reason why some call it tedious is because people keep trying to use units that were "good" in the easier modes. the same strategies you used in HM and NM will not work in Maddening.
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User Info: Whisky

1 month ago#4
Yes, I have never used any of those grinding exploits you mentioned. The early game is kind of brutal along with many of the paralogues but the later game actually gets quite fun in my opinion. You are able to use some fun tactics. Again like I said, I have never used any of those grinding exploits, and I also am not a great player and did not use only optimal builds. I used a variety of builds and was able to beat NG Maddening.

However, I did break one of the rules that you specified. I did not use ALL of my house u it’s because Ignatz and Lorenz died. I replaced them with Catherine and Seteth, and proceeded to beat the game from there.
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User Info: Zer0billion

1 month ago#5
No, none of these dumb exploits are even halfway necessary to get through the game. Don't listen to idiots that cheese the game and then complain about it being too easy or not balanced.

You also don't need an entire team of wyvern lords, contrary to popular belief.

User Info: Toadmode

1 month ago#6
mrdpcohen posted...
But I have no interest in planning each of my units down to their final class

This is the part that worries me lol. NG maddening will be exponentially more difficult if you have no idea what actually is powerful in the game itself.

Definitely suggest NG+ maddening for a more enjoyable experience for you after hard. I think NG maddening will just be frustration for you.

User Info: boredomkiller99

1 month ago#7
Short answer is yes it's possible to use everyone in your house, that being said Maddening seems balanced with ng+ at least accounted for. Because of this the first few maps are stupid hard because of lack of access to battalions and good equipment and skills. Because of this the only characters who can survive direct combat or really do anything are Byleth, the lord and maybe their second such as Dedue and maybe Hilda though that is pushing it.

Everyone who is not using magic should have a bow in addition to their main weapon of choice. The ability to attack outside of counter range is a godsend and curveshot gives a vital 1 mt and a hit rate boost needed in the early game. This way your weaker characters can contribute and secure kills. Outside of that have Byleth weaken enemies and have character finish them off while next to them to get that exp boost.

For skills everyone should try and pick up death blow or the magic equivalent. Classes with auto multi hit skills like Sniper with Hunter Volley or Grappler and fist in general are super important. Also characters who learn point blank volley or Swift strike want to learn this asap

You going have to take the early game slow as you will likely need to use 2-4 characters to take out 1 enemy. Use gambits to root enemies to control their movements.

You are going want to get to B support with Shamir as well as Catherine so you can recruitment them asap. I believe at B you can recruit them with a level 9 Byleth. They start in advance classes meaning good bases and Shamir can start mastering sniper to learn Hunter's volley.

Doubling is rare so weapon artes are useful. Since enemies last longer you are going master classes faster.

Maddening is not too bad if you play optimal but if you haven't been through the whole game at least one to two times you going probably have a harder time unlesd you read and study a lot of character information and look up maps in advance. If you are not welling or able to plan your classes in advance then Maddening is going to suck.

Might want to do a ng+ maddening run so you can mitigate the rough start.

Edit: Cyril bases suck but learns point blank volley at C+ for bows and bad bases can be fixed with class certifications.
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