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User Info: Masakari

1 month ago#111
FreeFalco posted...
I get what your saying. You do get excess points into flying in the long run but gameplay wise it's not wasted as you have AS+ for more chapters. With one of those chapters being what many people here consider the hardest chapter in the game. If you take the wyvern route and postpone your flying training, yes you will eventually get AS+, but it'll be so late into the game and because AS+ is mandatory for dodgetanking, that means you won't be dodgetanking reliably for almost the whole game. AS+ isn't something you'll want only for end game, it's something you'll want for as many chapters as possible.

Of course, if you are making a dodge tank you would want them to tank for as long as possible.
Wasted points are just a technicality, my suggestion was ultimately pointless in terms of the context.

I detest dodge tanking to begin with, I let my bias sway me a bit.

User Info: Tluhdatsi

1 month ago#112
So, I went ahead and recruited Ingrid on the first day I could, and I have the option of spending 4000 Renown to start her off with Alert Stance+. Is this a good idea if I plan to make her my Dancer?

She won't get much use out that Flight skill, unless she ends up stat-screwed by level 30 and I decide to certify her as a Falcon Knight later just for the base stats. It might be nice to have that option available in a pinch.

I don't plan to have her Wait often as a Dancer, so AS+ might not be terribly useful once I unlock that class. But there is a pretty significant chunk of the game to be played before that point, including her Paralogue, so it might be really nice to have AS+ on her early on while she's leveling as a Thief or a Myrmidon.

Actually, now that I've hashed it out in writing here, I'm thinking it would be a worthy use of some of that NG+ Renown.

I'll probably also want to buy back some Authority on her and the four Golden Deer students I recruited on my previous playthroughs, since that skill can be a bit of a pain to raise while also trying to qualify for Advanced/Master classes.
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User Info: Iceaura39

3 weeks ago#113
Ridelwofr posted...
ITT: "Ingrid isn't a bad unit because she's good if you go through the best class path and reclass her into the best class in the game XD XD XD"
Are you just not seeing all the people defending Falcon Ingrid?

User Info: Chefcook90

3 weeks ago#114
Iceaura39 posted...
Are you just not seeing all the people defending Falcon Ingrid?
Holy gravedigging, batman!

There was already another topic made after this one where everyone talked about what a fantastic dodge-tank FK Ingrid is.
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