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  3. Who is Edelgard's Husband, FERDINAND VON AIGER or Caspar?

User Info: GotTired

1 week ago#1
Don't b**** about her, just who on this list she decides to marry. - Results (36 votes)
77.78% (28 votes)
22.22% (8 votes)
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Oh, Edelgard. The subject of much discourse. But today, we're talking about her would be husbands!

There are only two, and they are FERDINAND VON AIGER and Caspar.

So will she end up with her Prime Minister or the Minister of Military Affairs?

You go ahead and decide!

Claude: Hilda
Dorothea: Ferdinand
Petra: Claude
Dimitri: Marianne
Bernadetta: Ferdinand
Mercedes: Sylvain
Caspar: Hilda
Felix: Annette
Marianne: Dimitri
Lorenz: Marianne
Linhardt: Lysithea
Ashe: Ingrid
Annette: Felix
Ingrid: Sylvain
Flayn: Ferdinand
Catherine: Dimitri
Hilda: Claude
Lysithea: Linhardt
Manuela: Hanneman
Ignatz: Raphael's sister Maya
Dedue: Mercedes
Seteth: Leonie
Hubert: Bernadetta
Sylvain: Mercedes
Leonie: Lorenz
Cyril: Lysithea
Shamir: Hubert
Hanneman: Manuela
Raphael: Bernadetta
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User Info: Notwhoyouthink

1 week ago#2
Something about ferd marrying her is both hilarious and kinda sad

idk really know what exactly
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User Info: superxgaga

1 week ago#3
Me duh
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User Info: Alanna82

1 week ago#4
okay, how many of these has FERDINAND VON AEGIR won now?

no wonder he keeps talking about "legitimate heir".
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User Info: chicksan

1 week ago#5
Caspar. Ferdinand deserves better.
Sorry for my bad english
Neither, she doesn't deserve a husband. But if one has to choose, Hubert. They fit each other.
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User Info: ifnsman

1 week ago#7
Obviously Hubert.
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User Info: ozzyman314

1 week ago#8
Obviously Bylthe.
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User Info: Vermillionw

1 week ago#9
Byleth or Hubert...

Ferdinand marrying her ... No...
And Caspar... No.

User Info: rpgguy999

1 week ago#10
ozzyman314 posted...
Obviously Bylthe.

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  3. Who is Edelgard's Husband, FERDINAND VON AIGER or Caspar?
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