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User Info: charcoalswift

6 days ago#11
Desann posted...
Rescue is amazing, and i haven‘t seen any other unit with that spell, yet. Of course fortify is top-tier as well. I wish she had physic, too, but eh.

Her magic and res growth are through the roof, while her speed is sadly lacking. Still, she can very easily oneshot the ever-present threat and archnemesis of everyone‘s maddening runs: Fliers. Or atleast get close to oneshotting for end-game high res falcon knights.

Her and Seteth are my favourite duo in the game, so character-wise, not one complaint (except that i wish she gave us a bit more on her family‘s intriguing backstory).
Flayn will be too OP if she has Physic since she already has Fortify and Rescue
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User Info: DN1501

6 days ago#12
5/10, her offense is s*** cause she joins mid game with bad Reason rank and her spell list is meh, she does have monopoly on Rescue tho unless you make your Bernie a Bishop for whatever reason. Rescue is one of the best Faith spell in the game, while not as good as Warp you can still find plenty of uses with it. Fortify can be situationally useful too but if you really want that spell then just use or recruit Mercedes into your house.

Would’ve given her a 7 or 8 if she actually had Physic though.

User Info: Stepdog

6 days ago#13
Meh, not great in a fight and kind of annoying. I give her a 2 which is still twice as good as Caspar.

User Info: AltOmega2

6 days ago#14

User Info: Chefcook90

6 days ago#15
Doesn't have Psychic or Warp, will always join later than your main healer, and her personal weapon can be used by anyone without penalty, so there really isn't much point in letting her keep it.

She's not bad, per-se, but I feel like she gets overshadowed even more than Caspar does.

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User Info: Prince_Bloke

6 days ago#16
I rate her a solid fish out of 10.
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User Info: GodOfDerp

6 days ago#17

Rescue bots are always useful, but her low movement and later join time will typically make her rather bad since Mercedes, Linhardt, or Marriane will most likely be so much better by the time she joins.

Plus if you really want a rescue bot, Manuela joins not to long after, and she provides better utility then Flayn with her silence and ward spells. Both lacking physic seriously hurts their usefulness though.
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User Info: Alanna82

6 days ago#18
Prince_Bloke posted...
I rate her a solid fish out of 10.
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User Info: EdeaCreamer

6 days ago#19
Manuela gets Warp rather than Rescue, IIRC

But yeah once we have a mobility option for casters that doesn't rely on Riding she should be set.
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User Info: Dekadense

6 days ago#20
Rescue can setup cheese with Stride+Warp.

For combat she has a slow start with Frozen Lance coming at A from E+ and her Reason starting at E, so Fiendish Blow has to wait quite a while.

For cheesing 8/10 because it really needs Warp to compliment it.

Combat wise pretty bad. 5/10
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