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User Info: Straightuptruth

1 week ago#1
Flayn - Results (110 votes)
6.36% (7 votes)
4.55% (5 votes)
9.09% (10 votes)
10.91% (12 votes)
15.45% (17 votes)
13.64% (15 votes)
15.45% (17 votes)
10.91% (12 votes)
8.18% (9 votes)
5.45% (6 votes)
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Number #2
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User Info: EdeaCreamer

1 week ago#2
She's kinda meh, at the moment. This is mainly due to her bane in Riding on NG files basically barring her from going Dark Knight, meaning she's almost certainly going to be a Gremory and heavily dependent on her spell lists...which aren't that great -for an infantry unit with only 5 move-.

What she wants is magic access on a flier. Recover and Rescue are both far more valuable when you've got a large movement advantage and the ability to Canto around after using them, and it also makes Fortify far easier to position to catch as many allies in its range as possible. The range on her Reason spells isn't as big of a deal on a flier, either, and again Canto after casting one is a thing. If we do in fact get a Dark Flier class in the last DLC wave and she's able to certify into it, her rating will climb significantly.
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User Info: Ridelwofr

1 week ago#3
She only joins to allow the player to pick someone else besides their house's students to be a dancer.

User Info: Vayu_The_End

1 week ago#4
Never going to be worth anything offensively on maddening. About the only worth you can get out of her offensively is Getting her Lance's to A for Frozen Lance, but a one range 5 move footlocked unit better be a damn nuke, and Flayn just never is.

Hard Focus her Faith to get Fortify and stick her in Dancer. She has good charm so she could rock some powerful Gambits as well. One of the better personal skills. She is a very good utility unit.

I'd say 8.
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User Info: Enutrof1

1 week ago#5
I enjoy the cinnamon roll who has no idea how to blend in as a young adult but is trying her best any ways.
Rescue/Fortify is a unique combo but her spell list is lacking interesting/powerful options otherwise and I have hard time justifying needing both on a single mage, especially one with a weakness in riding. She will be much better if we do get Dark Flier as a class though. Her stats/bases really pigeonhole her to just being bait for enemy mages. Her personal is amazing though, shame she still has no movement to use it with.
Has some value and an enjoyable personality, but focus too much on a utility spread she can't fully capitalize on and wastes her high magic growth on underwhelming offensive spells.

Overall 6/10.

User Info: sonicnewboy

1 week ago#6
It's nice to have some rescues. Saved me in some tough spots. But my other mages have all done a better job at maging than her. So I would say 7/10.
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User Info: superxgaga

1 week ago#7
s*** unit, best version of her is as enemy, another paid actor lol
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User Info: borderinq

1 week ago#8
Her spell list sucks for my style of play.

I found that I like her best raising her through the armor class line and then putting her into Wyvern Lord. The Daddy's Little Dragon Girl build. This does make her like a C-class version of Seteth: the one time I did it she ended up with great speed (after WL), very good defense, still decent magic, ok str, ok def, ok def. Give her bolt axe+ and a killer axe and she could hold her own. She was especially useful as a mage masher since her str did keep up well enough to deal with them. Wt -5 + Darting Blow (from NG+, I usually make her a Peg Knight) did let her double some slow enemies too, even in maddening.

That all said, in any route Seteth is in I mostly think Flayn's best use is to be stuck to him making him even more of an unstoppable force than he already is. This just makes that even more useful, since ime she always ends up too fragile and weak as a Peg Knight to have any utility aside from his adjutant.

User Info: Minaru44

1 week ago#9
In her given role she kind of sucks at the moment (until Dark Flier). She makes a mean Fortress Knight if you absolutely want to use one (or Flayn in particular) but can't spare the class on anyone else. It's doable, doing it right now on my Maddening playthrough but it takes some effort and heavy investment which most players probably want to rather give characters with immediate benefits.
The upside is though... Once she gains some bulk as a Fortress Knight, she's going to be fairly buff even if you switch her back to Bishop (in case you need Rescue). It's kinda funny.
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User Info: Desann

1 week ago#10
Rescue is amazing, and i haven‘t seen any other unit with that spell, yet. Of course fortify is top-tier as well. I wish she had physic, too, but eh.

Her magic and res growth are through the roof, while her speed is sadly lacking. Still, she can very easily oneshot the ever-present threat and archnemesis of everyone‘s maddening runs: Fliers. Or atleast get close to oneshotting for end-game high res falcon knights.

Her and Seteth are my favourite duo in the game, so character-wise, not one complaint (except that i wish she gave us a bit more on her family‘s intriguing backstory).

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