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  3. Is Ingrid a Hillary Clinton supporter?

User Info: Straightuptruth

1 month ago#11
MagicalRanger posted...
Then don't make a topic about Hilary if you don't care. All you're doing is making yourself look uneducated.

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User Info: Emperor_mateus

1 month ago#12
Ingrid is racist so she's probably on the other side. She's also a bit of a hillbilly with her family estate being some backwater at the border.
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User Info: Wandering__Hero

1 month ago#13
Does she riot when she loses then blame the superior candidate her supporters sabotaged?
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User Info: chicksan

1 month ago#14
Ingrid will support however she needs to protect as a knight unless it's a very stupid person like Trump. I don't see Ingrid as political or strongly caring for others rights, honestly. She has some moral compass ofc but she doesn't think of politics that much and she gives me moderate right vibes , so I don't see her as Hillary supporter
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  3. Is Ingrid a Hillary Clinton supporter?
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