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User Info: charcoalswift

1 month ago#21
Straightuptruth posted...
Ain't that the edgy sword char archetype in FE though? Be an a****** to everyone but when it comes down to the girls you go OOC?
Lol they don't go out of control

Otherwise, Sylvain fits this description better
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User Info: Straightuptruth

1 month ago#22
charcoalswift posted...
Straightuptruth posted...
Ain't that the edgy sword char archetype in FE though? Be an a****** to everyone but when it comes down to the girls you go OOC?
Lol they don't go out of control

Otherwise, Sylvain fits this description better

I didn't mention how far they go, just the fact they are ooc when around them.
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User Info: Mocorongo

1 month ago#23
Dislike to like
-Lorenz, he wen't from zero to hero and even got the biggest time skip hair upgrade.
-Felix, on the culture I grew his "samurai bun" hairstyle is more ridiculous than Lorenz, no kidding. But I liked his Supports because he barely change - I hate how FE characters change life phylosophy because they talked three times with a random person.
-Dedue: outside Azure Moon he is on the bland side, but after playing this route, he turned into my favorite "retainer"
-Ashe: I don't like "good boy" type characters, but his supports were enough to make me forgive and forget his "LoRd LoNaTo" moments

Like to dislike
-Dorothea: she is cute and had a great hat, but my most hated character trait is "war is bad" and she uses it a lot after the time skip

Like and still liked
-Shamir, she is the only (playable, since we have Rhea and Cornelia) female character that looks like a woman and not a girl for my standards (and her looks are basically "anime Ada Wong", waifu points)
-Dimitri: I think he is too overrated and don't deserve half of the praise he gets from the fanbase but is still a good character and my second favorite FE Lord ever

Dislike and still dislike
-Edelgard: I have been playing FE since launch, I already knew IS would make an annoying female Lord - I wasn't wrong
-Cyril: Besides his Supports with Ashe and Lysithea, he never clicked for me. His "Lady Rhea" moments don't even bother me, but he looks like a character with potential that is wasted by "too much gratitude"
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User Info: ShoodyChakras

1 month ago#24
For me it'd probably be Ingrid.

I already dont like blondes as a go-to and her story was that she grew up with 3 other guys. So I figured she be the blonde bimbo that all the guys like. Then I played blue liond to let dimitri live and she was a pretty alright character. Not a fan of any of her romance routes tho

User Info: Zeveria

1 month ago#25
Like to Neutral:

Bernadetta. I was interested in the idea of seeing her character struggle and overcome her problems but...she didn't grow like I hoped she would. She kinda regressed actually.

Ignatz: Same reason as Bernadetta. He starts to regress and actually become less confident in himself to the point where it becomes a bit sad...

Dimitri: He was initially the highlight of AM to me, but after playing through it again, I'm starting to notice how awkward, rushed and clumsy his character arc is. Looking back, most other dynamic characters did a better job at improving through supports, timeskip, and the story. Dimitri's too much of a roller coaster.

Neutral to Dislike:

Petra: Petty reasons. She dodge tanked my attacks when I first fought her and didn't know how the game mechanics fully worked. Too many of my characters missed and it got annoying. Now I hate the Unga Bunga Starfire ripoff and eagerly look forward to hanging her pelt on my wall during each run.

Cyril: His character is annoying, his love for Rhea is undeveloped, and I generally don't like his supports.

Dislike to Like:

Lorenz: Honestly, I just like the way his character ended up being handled. I figured he would just going to he your stereotypical greedy noble who has a Scrooge-esque heel-turn and becomes generous. But his belief system is actually more complex than that and rather than simply dropping it, he adapts it as he grows as a character.

Hubert: I just found his character to be interesting the more I saw him. And I do have a love for dark humor.

Seteth: Came across as the Snape archetype at first, but he grew on me and I generally like his supports.

Support to Oppose:

Edelgard: I still like her character well enough, but she definitely serves a villain role more than a protagonist role. First time I played through, I figured you'd have to be barking made to oppose reform in the Crest System...and yeah, turns out the majority of the other characters actually agreed with this, besides maybe Rhea, making the war feel a bit unnecessary.

Neutral to Dislike to Like:

Lysithea: My first run was CF. I didn't recruit anyone. So my only interactions with Lysithea were in the monastery. Didn't leave too much of an impact. I just noticed she seemed much nicer and more sweet towards Byleth than the other students, but I assumed she was just one of those generic constantly upbeat characters like Annette.

The only thing that really stood out to me was that I was allowed to spare and recruit her. I was really interested in finding out what made her so special to Byleth that he was willing to kill all the other Alliance members (save for their lord) and even his Dad's old friends (Leonie and Alois), but couldn't bring himself to hurt Lysithea.

I did notice she had two Crests, but Lysithea made it clear that it was Byleth, not Edelgard, who spared her. So I wondered if maybe she and Byleth had some shared backstory I wasn't aware of? Maybe they were both test subjects, given Twin Crests and the Crest of Flames, so TWSITD could one day give Edelgard both. ...There never was a full explanation for Byleth going easy on her. I guess he just has a weakness for the cute ones.

Second run was GD. I quickly noticed that Lysithea acted...very differently when she wasn't around Byleth. Her first support I saw was with Ignatz. XD I was starting to get the impression that she was the spoiled princess archetype and her behavior around Byleth was either wanting to kiss up to the professor or the result of a schoolgirl crush.

She did grow on me though. I started to notice she was actually self-aware of her own shortcomings and critical of her behavior. I found myself really enjoying most of her supports because many of them focus on character growth. It was actually pretty interesting to see that her faults weren't just a result of her sad backstory, but how much stress she places on herself as well, in her goal to help those she cares about.
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