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  3. Who is the best unit in the entire series?

User Info: MedicalGamer

1 week ago#1
The best unit in the entire series is;

The last topic was pretty interesting if not a little turbulent. Now let's see who people will think is the best unit in the entire series.
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User Info: EdeaCreamer

1 week ago#2
Seth, by a long shot. The only one who even comes close is Robin, and even they have a 'work-up' time (albeit a short one).

A fair number of these units certainly have more raw power in a vacuum than Seth, but NONE of them have that degree of availability to go with it except Robin and Kris, and Kris cannot solo their own game (they can get close, but Marth is required).

Seth is idiotically powerful right out of the gate from the damn PROLOGUE and stays that way from start to finish. it's so bad that I intentionally bench him whenever I play SS because otherwise it's utterly brainless. If I were to re-write SS the first thing that would happen is Seth's return from the Valter fight getting delayed until after the branch-point.
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User Info: StellaLunaris

1 week ago#3
Joshua, because he has the coolest hat.
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User Info: Whisky

1 week ago#4
StellaLunaris posted...
Joshua, because he has the coolest hat.

I concur.

But I would probably say either Seth or Titania? I’m voting Seth, but Titania is very good too. I’ve never played FE4, but I’ve heard about how good Sigurd is.
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User Info: NightKaiser21

1 week ago#5
Robin, because there kid gets access to all classes, iirc.
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User Info: rmatney2012

1 week ago#6
I picked Seth, but I think the best is Sedgar from Shadow Dragon. He's slightly less available, but he is in a much harder game on max difficulty.

User Info: D412kKn16h7

1 week ago#7
Seth, by nature of being hilariously strong at the start of the game and never falling off, as well as being in a relatively easy game in the first place.
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User Info: McLahey

1 week ago#8
This is hard to answer without more criteria, so I'm going to invent my own and say not Seth because Franz is provably Seth-lite. I guess Robin, then? Does Miriel come close to Robin's level of performance if you invest in her?

And Alm's like...fifth place at best in Echoes.
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User Info: charcoalswift

1 week ago#9
Camilla, Axe wyvern waifu too strong for Conquest Lunatic
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User Info: Sir_Awesome

1 week ago#10
I say Robin, because holy crap are they OP.

Surprised Ryoma isn't on there. Lightning Lobster Lord could easily stomp big tiddy sister.
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  3. Who is the best unit in the entire series?
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