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User Info: GotTired

3 weeks ago#1
Best Merric in a modern FE? - Results (28 votes)
3.57% (1 vote)
3.57% (1 vote)
14.29% (4 votes)
78.57% (22 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Let's take a look at another archetype: The energetic little boy mage. Well, Annette isn't a boy but she comes closest to 3H having one.

Merric usually specializes in wind magic, studies hard to get where he is, and is generally a nice person, especially compared to Arlen.

Who is best magic wind boy/Annette?

Previous winners:
Best Lord: Dimitri
Best Avatar: Robin
Best Heroine: Lucina
Best Cornelius: Jeralt
Best Oifey: Frederick
Best Christmas Knights: Sylvain and Ingrid
Best Villager: Donnel
Best Lena: Mercedes
Best Camus: Dimitri
Best Michalis: Berkut
Best Rudolf: Edelgard
Best Dancer: Tiebreaker poll in process.
Best Eyvel: Dedue
Going to bed. Goodnight.

User Info: GotTired

3 weeks ago#2
Where's the Merric love? I guess you guys prefer Arlen?
Going to bed. Goodnight.

User Info: Mjolnirboi

3 weeks ago#3
Merric was the best Merric, so the archetype is just a little underwhelming.

Well, aside of Asbel. Asbel is busted.
Marianne is best girl. Nohrian scum is scum.
Get Zeke'd. https://i.imgur.com/QMacACU.jpg

User Info: superxgaga

3 weeks ago#4
Byleth is the best merric, he gets to f*** the prince's sister well step-sister
El, you think you've got what you got, right? But Rhea, Dimitri and Claude? They building something alot bigger than you and me. We gotta make the first move!

User Info: BoomChish

3 weeks ago#5
This scream.

People are like slinkies: basically useless. And yet it's so amusing to watch them fall down the stairs.
Get off my lawn.

User Info: EdeaCreamer

3 weeks ago#6
...I just realized we now have an Anna and an Annette. Huh.
Fifth of cognac, add some triple-sec...

User Info: Walshin

3 weeks ago#7

Since when does Merric has anything to do with this so called " archetype " ? He isn't energetic and he isn't little.
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