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  3. All in all, what's your favorite route? (Spoilers unavoidable)

User Info: Mjolnirboi

4 weeks ago#1
The dust will never settle. - Results (248 votes)
Silver Snow (Black Eagles)
6.85% (17 votes)
Azure Moon (Blue Lions)
40.73% (101 votes)
Verdant Wind (Golden Deer)
31.85% (79 votes)
Crimson Flower (Edelgard's route)
20.56% (51 votes)
This poll is now closed.
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User Info: BloodMoon7

4 weeks ago#2
People may not like this, but Silver Snow is what an ideal route looks like. Silver Snow is peak route performance.
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User Info: Aceuniverse

4 weeks ago#3
I’ve only done Verdant Wind so far completed it two days ago, but currently doing Azure Moon.
So because I’ve only done one completely I’m completely bias.

User Info: Enryx25

4 weeks ago#4
BloodMoon7 posted...
People may not like this, but Silver Snow is what an ideal route looks like. Silver Snow is peak route performance.
This unironically

User Info: DiogoShadowJorg

4 weeks ago#5
Azure Moon, is the best for most characters overall and has the highest kill count for evil doers. It's also the closest to your typical FE story.
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User Info: darkknight39

4 weeks ago#6
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User Info: Poison-puffs

4 weeks ago#7
Blue Lions easily VW comes in as a close second
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User Info: rukn

4 weeks ago#8
1-CF for the best payoff even though you need to know what happens in the other routes for better context.
2-SS and AM are tied for second. Both routes have some heavy stuff. AM starts off well but post timeskip Dimitri’s recovery and most of the story related to BL didn’t really land for me. SS is fun because it’s so jarring, you choose the church Claude disappears, Dimitri dies and you just waltz into the empire with the knights and take the capital. Then you go knock out twistd then Rhea and the knights blow up and you have to kill everyone. It’s such a cynical downer of a route.
3 VW is cool but no really big highs or lows, Claude is really interesting but doesn’t get enough to do. It’s so chill it but feels kinda boring.

User Info: NeoRyujinZ

4 weeks ago#9
Verdant Wind without a doubt.

You learn about the story's lore the most with VW, especially since it divulges the true origin of the Hero's Relics. Also Claude is the Lord I like the most. Then there's being able to support a house with amazing units like Hilda, Lysithea, Leonie and Marianne. I mean you can recruit the other three in other routes, but recruiting Leonie in a non-NG+ run is a bit tricky. Unless you do get Byleth's lance level to C, you would usually have to recruit her in chp 11 with B support/D in lances.

Silver Snow I guess is second. It's VW Lite with Seteth instead of Claude. But I really like how I can skip the Blood of the Eagle and Lion map. That one map gave me Vietnam flashbacks w/ Alert Stance-spamming Petra, eugh. I am more attached to the Black Eagles than I thought. Then again, spending almost a dozen restarts trying to figure out what to do with the BEs can do that. BE was the first house I picked, but I eventually gave up and went GD instead. Not that I hate the Beagles; I like them. Petra is one of my top favorite girls in the game after all.

Also it's the only route where you don't have to fight the majority of the students, thanks to there being no Blood of the Eagle and Lion. You only have to fight Ashe and Lorenz, along with Hubert and Edelgard. In fact, you can just recruit Ashe and Lorenz to spare them.

You would even think "Hey--SS is ideal for lowmanning in Maddening!"
Then you realize it's probably the hardest route to do in Maddening.
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User Info: Stepdog

4 weeks ago#10
Golden Deer, we get a sane leader and added bonus no war crimes
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