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  3. What did Feral Dimitri do? That's comparable to Rhea or Edelgard?
AlexGamer posted...
DiogoShadowJorg posted...
I certainly find it, because that what it is. War is far worse. Dimitri is one man torturing some. In war, far more people torture more people. Worse, the ones who will end up being tortured will include both good people and evil people alike, so it doesn't discriminate, like Dimitri does. Or do you honestly think Dimitri is the only one capable of torturing people? At least he tortured people who deserved to die, even if it was unnaceptable.

Except Dimitri isn't forcing them against his will... so, he's not using them as badly as you think

Those are pretty minor changes. The core problem remains, she's unwilling to compromise with Claude for instance, or the church.

It doesn't matter if you see or not, since either way, he's better. If you want to be wrong that's your problem.

No in war soldiers kill other soldiers, the torturing part comes when they capture other soldiers after the battle ends and they torture the survivors for intel, that's how torture works unless you think that someone starts torturing his opponent in the middle of the battlefield, sure some may be killed brutally but that's not torture

Him dragging them all to die and them not being able to object, is forcing someone, it's just not the forcing someone with power kind, it's the duty and moral dilema type, it's why they follow him in VW

Yeah so does dimitri, he doesn't compromise with claude either and instead attacks him

Please I'm not gonna bother I've seen your other arguments arguing with you is like arguing with someone who's entire existense is based on choosing the opposite of what the other guy is saying regardless of rights and wrongs, sure believe you are right I don't care

He doesn't drag anyone though. If they are doing it due to doing the right thing, then that's precisely what they should be doing in the first place, even if that means their deaths, and they can still choose not to follow him. Since it's still their choice.

Good thing you aren't going to bother, you spare us both the hassle. I don't choose to oppose the other guy, I choose based on what is right.
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1 week ago#152
albertojz356 posted...
Rhea did nothing wrong
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  2. Fire Emblem: Three Houses
  3. What did Feral Dimitri do? That's comparable to Rhea or Edelgard?
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