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User Info: Nakedbacon

5 days ago#121
bookwormbabe29 posted...

Oy. I'm done debating this. All the facts in the world don't convince Dimitri's fanbase. I come to this board to talk to people, and the more I do, the less I want to talk to people. Being disabled, I am stuck in this stupid bed every single day by myself. I had hoped a new game in my favorite series would give me a chance to talk to people. But this fanbase is so bloody toxic it makes me sicker than I already am.

Most of your “facts” were either false or conjecture. I’m sorry about your situation, I really am but the fan base has been toxic for a long long time. I don’t know what exactly you’re expecting.
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User Info: ifnsman

5 days ago#122
Poison-puffs posted...
Also how dare you not include Best Girl Mercedes who is literally the most Saint like person in the game

I like you already.
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User Info: Zelse

5 days ago#123
Decapre posted...
Rhea was only bad on one path.
Edelclown was horrible on all 4 paths including her own.

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User Info: AlexGamer

5 days ago#124
DiogoShadowJorg posted...
If they are willing, then you have no reason to complain about his methodes.

And that's a problem why? Marth also has to do that to acomplish his goals. The only difference is that Dimitri is suicidal about it. Why do you condemn Dimitri for putting his allies in harm's way, when Marth and other lords did the same? The keyword is whetever they are willing or not, if they are doing it of their own free will, then your accusations hold no merit.

Better to assassinate then start a war. So I think so, also, you were the one saying he would start a war, which is far worse than assassinate someone, so if he really cares that much, he won't do either. And if needed, he can be one to try to kill her himself if he's that desperate.

I don't see how it benefits anyone either, since he's better off just executing them, instead of wasting time, there's no point in torturing them. But as I said before, that is nothing compared to what Edelgard does.

I never said he was an actual saint, only by comparison. Since Edelgard is so bad, that it makes Dimitri look a whole person, even on his mad phase.

Right, it's a lie. When she is still doing the same mistakes, forcing her worthless ideals on others and only believing that her way is the only way.

And that's where you are wrong, since Dimitri is a better person than Edelgard ever is.

I don't complain about the methods, I don't care I point out that charging your entire class into suicide while totally being able to prevent it yet not doing it because of your selfish desires is as bad as edelgard

Why do I condemn him? because genius, marth doesn't use his comrades to try an accomplish his own selfish goals and he doesn't put them on harms way deliberately, if marth was given the choice to either liberate his homeland first or charge like an idiot to an army 2 times his size then he would choose to liberate his country because that would put his allies in less of a risk, did you see dimitri do that? I don't think so, you say they follow him because of byleth, that's not the case in VW they follow him out of loyalty and oaths and when he leads them to their deaths he doesn't care (except a little for dedue), does that seem better than edelgard to you? I don't think so, "doing it on their own free will is no excuse" when the other option is to let your classmate and king die, let's not kid ourselves if dimitri doesn't change his mind then there is no other realistic option it's why rodrigue and his knights follow him to gronder even though they all want to liberate the capital

Except he won't assassinate her since the voices in his head tell him specifically to cut off her head and offer it up to them, assassination is more subtle than beheading someone, not that he would manage it with hubert around either way, if he tries to kill her himself that will start a war either way even if both of them die that's a no brainer

Yeah that's the point it doesn't benefit anyone yet he does it for his own pleasure, you find that less evil than dying in combat in a war? I don't

No it's not a lie, she does force her ideals on others that's what her entire war is based on but she does change, for one she doesn't have any demonic beasts in her army and she tries to limit the damage(even though she fails miserably)

I still don't see how he is better
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User Info: AlexGamer

5 days ago#125
Juliansol posted...
AlexGamer posted...
Can you stop with the lies please?

How could he have known that Lorenz would return to the bridge, he doesn't exactly have control of lorenzs actions now does he
He literally allowed them to invade the bridge. That was in his father's territory. To fight against the Alliance forces that sided with Edelgard. You can't head canon claim part one Dimitri pre war and betrayal from Edelgard. Plus her letting him rot in jail for a year after she took over his country. Would murder Edelgard in part 1. Then excuse other people of lying and not paying attention to the story.
I'm sorry but if cornelia was able to organize an entire coup right under his own nose, then that's ones fault, take a look at edelgard and claude both of them have forseen any possible interferences that may threaten their own rule and have made plans to deal with them, the fact that dimitri was too honest and naive is no ones fault
Claude assured his control by manipulating Byleth and attacking his own subject on the bridge by that logic. It took him 4 chapters in the time skip to do so as well. It took him five years like Dimitri.
Edelgard only took over because Thales helped her by betraying Duke Aegir and Hubert murdered his father. Edelgard plays the role of the Slithers created puppet to take over that's it.

No he didn't do it to fight the alliances forces that opposed him, he just drew them out so that byleth can capture the bridge that way house gloucester would join claude because now the empire wouldn't be able to threaten him, the empire controlling the bridge is why the gloucester house is on their side because they don't have a choice if they refuse the empire destroys them and invades since their house is right across the river they would be the first target, claude states in SS that he can easily destroy the gloucesters yet doesn't do it because it would cause unnecessary bloodshed and may give the empire a cause to invade, his plan was to draw the entire house gloucester(including lorenz) and their forces somewhere far away from the bridge long enough for byleth to capture myrddin that's it there was no set up like you claim lorenz returning to the bridge is not claudes fault, and still even if claudehad set up lorenz it would still be not as bad as what dimitri did because claude did it for the alliance not for himself

Not really, claudes plan to not be overthrown was the fact that he mantained a neutral position for 5 years until byleth man provided an opportunity, the alterantive was to destroy the empire faction and then constantly fight the empire with a weaker alliance, like I said it took claude 5 years because he tried to find the best course of action and he was having the entire alliances(even the empire faction) interest in mind, byleth was just what allowed him to execute that plan
"Evil will always triumph because good is dumb"

User Info: A_Field_Lover

5 days ago#126
I can't believe people use a point of Dimitri killing people

"Dimitri is bad cuz he KILLS people"

>Literally a war and everyone has to

"He killed innocents!"

>Entire character pre and post timeskip is protecting the weak and killing bandits and soldiers

"f***ing Dimitri fans can't see facts!"
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User Info: NovaWill

5 days ago#127
Wtf, I haven't done Dimitri's route but all these Dimitristrans are convincing me he's the opposite of a good person. So many people are excusing psychopathy and torturing captured soldiers?

I hope it's not as bad as some people are making it out to be...

User Info: ifnsman

5 days ago#128
NovaWill posted...
Wtf, I haven't done Dimitri's route but all these Dimitristrans are convincing me he's the opposite of a good person. So many people are excusing psychopathy and torturing captured soldiers?

I hope it's not as bad as some people are making it out to be...

Dimitri was tortured by the fact that the Empire nearly conquered the Kingdom (leaving the other half resisting but in disarray), and that the Flame Emperor who he believes perpetrated the Tragedy of Duscur was Edelgard all along.

It's not psychopathy. His Part 2 behavior is the unfortunate result of both survivor's guilt & desire for revenge.
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(edited 5 days ago)
I certainly find it, because that what it is. War is far worse. Dimitri is one man torturing some. In war, far more people torture more people. Worse, the ones who will end up being tortured will include both good people and evil people alike, so it doesn't discriminate, like Dimitri does. Or do you honestly think Dimitri is the only one capable of torturing people? At least he tortured people who deserved to die, even if it was unnaceptable.

Except Dimitri isn't forcing them against his will... so, he's not using them as badly as you think

Those are pretty minor changes. The core problem remains, she's unwilling to compromise with Claude for instance, or the church.

It doesn't matter if you see or not, since either way, he's better. If you want to be wrong that's your problem.
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User Info: Shire_Bound

5 days ago#130
NovaWill posted...
Wtf, I haven't done Dimitri's route but all these Dimitristrans are convincing me he's the opposite of a good person. So many people are excusing psychopathy and torturing captured soldiers?

I hope it's not as bad as some people are making it out to be...

It's not. A lot of people after reading some strong anti-Dimitri posts end up posting "that's it?" I think they're disappointed because they expected something edgier.

There's definitely people who will erase their favorite character's faults and bad actions, but most Dimitri fans are just clearing up misinformation - like people who say Dimitri "enjoys" it when he's clearly disgusted by himself and his actions or accuses him of doing things he just didn't do. Is it right? No. But do some fans who are anti-Dimitri for one reason or another blow things out of proportion (because, you know, fandoms NEVER do that), all the time.
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