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  3. Who is Ike canon husband or wife

User Info: darkknight39

3 weeks ago#21
chicksan posted...
ValorPaper posted...
Huh, I'm surprised Ranulf has no votes seeing how much explicit yaoi fanart I see between him and Ike. I never found any good fanart with Ike and Soren, but a pretty darn good fanfic of them!

I'm more surprised for the lack of votes for Aimee. Of the female options she is the obvious choice if Ike decided to go for a woman ...

Metal Gear Raxis posted...
Where's Titania!? She needs her vicarious closure with Griel!
True, I forgot her, she would be a great wife for Ike :(

Ike pretty much hides behind Soren when Aimee starts flirting sooo.....
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User Info: SirRobX

3 weeks ago#22
It's Lethe. Ike has a support with her. Ike isn't gay as Priam exists.
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User Info: Cobalnite

3 weeks ago#23
Unbridled9 posted...
Yup. Can't argue with that. Right there in the game.

Sorry Soren, but Sothe is Ike's first.
Sothe might've been Ike's first, but they certainly haven't married yet, otherwise Micaiah would've also said Ike is his husband
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