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User Info: DullahanEX

4 weeks ago#32
Flash2Beasley posted...
Basileus777 posted...
And what is Holy Knight giving you that Enlightened One isn't?

As the other user said, 1 more move and canto basically. It's a more mobile Enlightened One that trades swordfaire for white tomefaire.

Not great, but again this is just trying to come up with some reason for the Holy Knight class to exist.

Good god, Holy Knight fine for what is and Marianne makes the best use of that class. Flayn is decent too, but it is unnecessary for Byleth who's unique class is better Canto or not.

It's literally almost impossible not get use of any class in this game be successful.
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User Info: NeoElfboy

4 weeks ago#33
Reidog posted...
NeoElfboy posted...
I'm confused as to why you'd make Sylvain a Holy Knight instead of a Dark Knight.

-Sylvain is strong in Reason and not Faith, so he unlocks the class more easily (leaving him more time to level other skills).
-Black Magic Avo+20 is a neat skill.
-Faith attack spells have trash stats. Seraphim is 8 mt for 10 wt, Ragnarok is 15 mt for 9 wt, Bolganone is 8 mt for 6 wt. The reason spells are more accurate too, especially due to how Reason Prowess works. Black Tomefaire is preferable to White Tomefaire for this reason.
-Yes Sylvain gets Physic and that's good, but he only needs C faith to get that and both classes use it equally well.

None of those things matter with middling SPD and low MAG. You'd basically never want to use any of that Reason over just going purely physical with Sylvain instead and using ranged spears and axes if you really wanted to attack from range.

Physical Sylvain has more damage output and is likely overall superior, no argument there. The reason to go magical Sylvain at all is:
-access to Physic
-able to deal damage at 2-5 range depending on which accessories you get and whether he's able to hustle out S in Reason. Lance/axe builds top out at 2 range, and typically do less damage at 2 range than magic does even off Sylvain's stats. (14 points is a lot to overcome, but the lower mt of hand axes, the option of the Magic Staff, and the def/res gap in enemy stats generally manage.)
-more durability (surprisingly) due to Black Magic Avo.

For all of those things, Dark Knight works better than Holy Knight. You bring up Seraphim hitting weakness (and seemingly ignore that Blessed Lance does the same, and can be used with Swift Strikes), but it's only 24 mt even then, a mere +9 on Ragnarok. Meanwhile Ragnarok is +7 on literally everything else.
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User Info: Sephirowned

4 weeks ago#34
I much rather max out Faith to S+ for White Tomefaire and change to Bishop(Gremory for Bylass) if I really want to go ham with White Magic Avo+20, I get White Magicx2 meaning I won't run out of spells too quickly and WT for the extra oomph.
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