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User Info: prince2phore

4 weeks ago#1
so is it just me trying to finish it as soon as it appears or it’s really hard?
i’m level 33 and i almost killed the level 40 boss but his last phase with double attack and the reinforcements that keep coming make it impossible... i guess i’ll wait a month or two and hope it doesn’t level up with me...

User Info: Walshin

4 weeks ago#2
The boss has Quick Riposte on his last life bar, he won't double anymore if you can manage to get him under 50% hp.
Also his attacks are magical, so try to use units with good res to do it. Mercedes, Lysithea or Flayn are good examples.

User Info: prince2phore

4 weeks ago#3
I tried and did brought him down below 50%, barely, but I'm playing BE and my setup doesn't have good res unit that can also properly damage him, will required some setup.

also those reinforcement coming from the mist and killing my weak units don't help :(

I'll try again and will do it, was close on my first run unprepared, but man it's a nasty map and boss!

meaning I love it, second gameover screen in maddening after 200+ hours, feels good.

User Info: superxgaga

4 weeks ago#4
yea its a pain since i couldnt use godmode Edelgard on that fight, but once u manage the reinforcements its not too bad.
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User Info: IAmLordMeatwad

4 weeks ago#5
Damn. I'm scared of this one.

If you sit on top of those gray circle things, doesn't that stop the reinforcements?
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User Info: prince2phore

4 weeks ago#6
yes it does, so I did that and left a flyer there for some there, couldn't cover all though so still need to hurry up.

finally beat it. I'm struggling with a lot fo paralogues actually because they are with units I recruited but are way under level... and for this particular one you can't deploy edelgard and hubert AND you get leonie (underlevel in my BE run) and fog, and unlimited reinforcements and crazy boss and 6-7 points level gap...

but now I'm struggling in the same manner with marianne paralogue, fog, beasts everything with level gap, forest, marianne starting alone was ok in my normal/hard run but here she's completely unused in my team and at lvl 10 when she's attacked on turn 1 by 40+ beasts and mages...

oh boy, I'll wait till last month and will try again, this one will take luck and teleports and luck and luck :)

still maddening is awesome for that, still doable, completely different than normal/hard and feels so rewarding.

User Info: IAmLordMeatwad

4 weeks ago#7
we're on opposite ends. I could not beat Linhardt's. Same sitch as you, underleveled Leonie. I got the boss to the last bar but then he cheesed me with a critical hit and killed Lysithea. And I was out of DPs because I kept getting jumped.

I might try it again and plug the reinforcement spawns and take my time clearing the map for enemies. Maybe bring some extra units just to toss onto the gray things?

On Marianne's, don't move Marianne until you can get characters near her. None of the forest monsters move unless you get into their range.

What I did is quickly push through the map. I used Divine Pulses to see where the enemies were so I could avoid their ranges, and slipped everyone into the area with Maurice and iced him in 2 turns. IF you have a flier and Warp, I like to warp the fliers into areas where I think enemies are. And then light a Torch, and have them fly out of the area and ideally out of range.

I did game over once on Marianne's because I was taking too long getting all the ores (wootz steel is really helpful) and I got ambushed from the bottom area somehow and died. It sucked.
Check out my Fire Emblem: Three Houses Fic! It's Crimson Flower but Thales gets stomped on by El.

User Info: VioletGekko

4 weeks ago#8
Easy walk on NG+ with weakass Leonie and benched Linhardt. admittedly I did it the second time. The enemy placement is static, using a physic tank make right side a cake walk. Only problem I have is the non stop reinforcement I have from top left side. Using crit byleth take care of the boss. Two magic gambit and the shield gone. He has 4 health bar though so last bar you need to use unit who is hard to be crit and can crit, otherwise his double hit has high chance of KO.

User Info: Pinco_Pallino

4 weeks ago#9
I did it just the other day, as soon as it was available. It seems i'm a bit underlevelled conpared to you, since my units were lvl 28-29. Anyway, it's not too bad if you move carefully. I suggest not too rush too much, even if the game try to tell you the opposite. The boss require some patience because he's pretty damn sturdy. Save as many gambits as you can for him, they are useful. When he isvat his last HP bar, be careful about Quick Reposte.
Keeping a few units to fight the reinforcements as they come may help you.

It actually wasn't too hard for me, but admittely my SM Ferdinand made it easier thanks to his dodging abilities.
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User Info: The_Juice_

4 weeks ago#10
What's weird about this one to me is the boss is only a threat on player phase becaise of quick riposte. He's incredibly slow though, so if you let him attack you on enemy phase it's pretty easy to chip him down.

The trouble with that of course is the infinite wyvern spawns, but you can have fliers and riders run in and out of their first turn movement range.

Lastly unless you're well leveled, you aren't killing the boss in one turn. 4 health bars and dragonskin is a ton of bulk.
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