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User Info: astrophys

4 days ago#1
So, I've been busy (and don't yet have a switch), so I haven't actually gotten Three Houses yet, waiting until I have some more time. Additionally, I heard that the original two difficulty levels, Normal and Hard, were fairly easy, so beyond my initial reasons for waiting [time and not having a Switch yet], I figured that I might want to wait until Maddening mode came out so that when I eventually played it would be a hopefully better challenge.

So, I know that Maddening has been out for a while now, which gives some time for existing players to form their opinions of it.

With that said, how is Maddening, in your opinion? Is it a sufficient challenge? Is its difficulty a "fair" challenge, or an "unfair" challenge in how it uses the tools at its disposal to ratchet up the challenge? Is there anything else that I should know?

Tangentially, are there any notable bugs which might warrant waiting to see if they patch them so that when I eventually get around to Three Houses they might be fixed by then? (If its only something really minor, or if there aren't any, great).

Also, is there anything else that I should know so that I'm not caught by surprise by things I might not have thought of regarding these matters in Three Houses?

For context, I've beaten all routes of Fates (including Conquest) on Lunatic difficulty in no-grind conditions, I've beaten Lunatic Awakening no-grind, and I've also beaten Genealogy of the Holy War, The Sacred Stones, an Shadows of Valentia, so I'm a fairly experienced Fire Emblem player and not a newcomer to the series [only a would-be newcomer to Three Houses itself].

Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

User Info: Cobalnite

4 days ago#2
Maddening is pretty much slightly more enemy density (like +3-4 enemies iirc?)
Inflated stats in this list (Some have spoilers btw, so be careful):
Enemies have actual skills (proficiency skills, Breakers, Poison strike, etc)

Exp gain is cut by 40% iirc, though

No bugs afaik

You should have no problem, but I still recommend hard first to get used to the new stuff (Gambits, skills, & other mechanics)
EDIT: Actually you can just have those explained so knock yourself out
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User Info: NeonDragon9000

4 days ago#3
It’s harder but still fair.
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User Info: superxgaga

4 days ago#4
Cobalnite posted...
Exp gain is cut by 40% iirc, though
U get 60% exp only if u fight enemies 20 levels higher


Exp for normal hard maddening %
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User Info: Therony

4 days ago#5
I think it's a bit too rough if it's your first time playing Three house, but at the same time hard wasn't exactly hard enough to feel completely satisfying, so if you really believe in yourself go ahead, in whatever case for my personnal opinion i am having much more fun in maddening despite already 2 playthroughs, due to the fact that:

1. I know how the game works, so i am not confused by any mechanic, and can utilize everything to it's full potential.

2. The game is better designed around all the option they give you, example, there is the speed stat, that in hard for most ennemies is too slow, so this invalidate combat art(like 80% of them are ineffective if you can just have more speed and double your ennemies). So you think more carefully about speed, about gambit, about the weapon type rather than just having a more braindead strategies.

3. Divine pulse is useful, you will have some death and accident and the game allow you to erase those mistake, but up to a point, this add enough stress, but if you play well, you may not have to restart the whole mission, and lose like an hour of battling.
In hard it just feel like you can just cheat the game and rarely feel the tension of loosing it all, while maddening is more like, you may take risk but think very carefully.

So overall, i think maddening fix the difficulties which was my main gripe in my first playthrough, some people may b**** about the exp gain and inflated stat, but the they don't tell you that the ennemies have higher level, and you get more or less the same exp if you play the special quest anyway, than what you would have in hard mode, and that without those stat, the game will just revert back to i "double everything lol XD"

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User Info: Walshin

4 days ago#6
You shouldn't find maddening too frustrating. It's harder, but not Awakening Lunatic + levels of bulls***.
It's a good difficulty mode imho, especially without NG+. Should have been available on release tho >.>

User Info: Ryacchi

4 days ago#7
I just finished my NG maddening run for the title screen and would have to say it is just about perfect for where I want the difficulty to be. Something I really enjoyed was that it allowed me to use the rewind function as a tool in my toolbox rather than something I felt forced to ignore to achieve any level of challenge.

That said, I am happy that maddening wasn't available at release because it gave me the opportunity to really understand the guts of the game first. I think I would have been overly frustrated if I had made it my first playthrough. You sound like you might be more skilled than I am, so maybe that isn't an issue for you, but if you are fan of the game you'll likely be doing at least three runs anyway.
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User Info: HayashiTakara

4 days ago#8
the mode forces you to use everything that is given to you. People who say it's unfair without NG+, just means they became too overreliant on the easier difficulties allowing them to face roll without thinking.
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User Info: NeonDragon9000

4 days ago#9
A lot of the things in the game, especially combat arts, make a lot more sense on Maddening. You'll be relying on gambits and combat arts a lot. The breaker skills are useful too, because good hit/avoid rates are critical.
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User Info: Pinco_Pallino

4 days ago#10
superxgaga posted...
U get 60% exp only if u fight enemies 20 levels higher


Exp for normal hard maddening %
First column is normal, second hard amd third maddening, right?
Is this correct? I tried to do the prologue at level hard and maddening just to compare, and it was pretty clear that at maddening i was getting 70% exp of what i was getting at hard, but i don't remember the enemies levels. However, if that table is correct, it seems i should have gained less than that.

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