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  3. C/D: Flayn is a better unit than Cyril overall

User Info: Dandelionel

1 week ago#1
We love our underage Church units

I know Flayn is likely 900 years old but whatever
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User Info: HayashiTakara

1 week ago#2
Flayn has excellent utility, and makes for an amazing fortress knight

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User Info: superxgaga

1 week ago#3
Not a fan of either character.
But with 0 effort, Flayn can contribute to team without stealing kills, and Cyril will need some extra baby sitting to take off.
Flayn for me.
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User Info: CyclonSilver

1 week ago#4

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User Info: Zeveria

1 week ago#5
Well...I've certainly made more use of her as a support role. So yes.
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User Info: herolegend10

1 week ago#6
In terms of Flayn, She works well as Gremory providing you can work on her reason skill. Don't really see anyone hating on her character but overall, She's more useful than Cyril
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User Info: Tocss

1 week ago#7
Some people swear by cyril. I haven't seen one person adamant flayn was the best at anything. Hmm.

I use flayn as a support, usually. I dont let cyril near the field.
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User Info: IVicViperI

1 week ago#8
She has Fortify.
She has Rescue.
She has an easy spot as a Dancer without any effort, therefore she wouldn't rely on stats at all to be a 10/10 unit, nor be dragged down by subpar stats while also being overleveled on Maddening (like Cyril is at level 9).

As a combat unit though? Eeeeh...
Haven't tried her as pure DPS, but her offensive spell list looks worse than Annette's with slightly less/equivalent Magic in the long term, though I think Annette would have a huge lead on Reason by the time Flayn arrives.
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User Info: Mocorongo

1 week ago#9
Easy confirm, Flayn is a great utility unit

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User Info: Hozu

1 week ago#10
She gives a damage bonus as an adjutant to Byleth and Seteth, and has base ranks for Pegasus Knight. That alone makes her useful, but she also has near unique access to Fortify and Rescue. Also has enough base charm to become a Dancer, if you need it for whatever reason. Excellent support unit.
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  3. C/D: Flayn is a better unit than Cyril overall
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