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User Info: Mega_Gardevoir

1 week ago#1
Rate this character overall - Results (228 votes)
10 - Best
26.32% (60 votes)
17.11% (39 votes)
19.3% (44 votes)
14.04% (32 votes)
8.77% (20 votes)
5.26% (12 votes)
2.63% (6 votes)
2.19% (5 votes)
0% (0 votes)
1 - Worst
4.39% (10 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Note: This is an overall rating, so both character and unit value should be considered.

Motherly and kind, I can't help but like her even though her archtype was done many times. She's also a very useful healer and decent mage. 8/10

Blue Lions:
8.28 (45 Best, 2 Worst, 126 votes) Annette
7.78 (67 Best, 10 Worst, 208 votes) Dedue
7.46 (36 Best, 15 Worst, 166 votes) Sylvain
7.13 (24 Best, 15 Worst, 141 votes) Ingrid
7.12 (185 Best, 91 Worst, 398 votes) Dimitri
6.64 (39 Best, 21 Worst, 192 votes) Felix

Black Eagles (polls are now closed):
8.56 (58 Best, 3 Worst, 131 votes) Ferdinand
8.28 (56 Best, 6 Worst, 145 votes) Petra
8.12 (44 Best, 5 Worst, 134 votes) Dorothea
7.69 (44 Best, 11 Worst, 143 votes) Linhardt
7.11 (43 Best, 17 Worst, 133 votes) Edelgard
6.92 (53 Best, 18 Worst, 186 votes) Bernadetta
6.40 (16 Best, 18 Worst, 114 votes) Hubert
6.20 (16 Best, 11 Worst, 112 votes) Caspar

User Info: Pinco_Pallino

1 week ago#2
As an unit, she is probably the best healer in the game, and very useful.

As a character, nothing against her but i find her a bit boring.

Overall, 8/10
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User Info: Total_Panda

1 week ago#3
10/10 best Ara Ara. Also good healer to I guess.
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User Info: Destinedmates

1 week ago#4
+She's one of the older students (being 20 or older)
+She's one who can S-Support with Byleth regardless of their gender
+She's super nice and caring
+A very good healer and supporter
+Both of her looks are nice imo. Both are serene, with her first one down-to-earth, and her second one more upstanding.

-Some of her supports are meh
-Her HP and Defense are crap

I would give her a 9.

User Info: TalesOfXAndY

1 week ago#5
Hyped for: Persona 5: The Royal/Tales Of Arise

User Info: Walshin

1 week ago#6
The right ara ara makes the D go ora ora.

She's a cool as a unit, but she's kinda... Just... There as a character.
And even gameplay wise, she's effective but frankly speaking, spamming Physics and Fortify isn't peak entertainement. So I'm docking her one point just cuz.

6/10. Still above average.

User Info: Poison-puffs

1 week ago#7
Perfection 10/10
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User Info: StillPainting

1 week ago#8
Personality is 9/10. She loses -1 for being a little too OK with executing people no questions asked if they anger the church. I know why she loves the church, but is still unnerving seeing how she just agrees with them all the time above fair trials.

Looks is 5/10. She loses -5 after the war breaks out and she comes out post time skip with grandma clothes and her gorgeous long hair is cut.

Battle performance is ?. I stopped using her after I couldn't put up with voice or looks in the time skip.

Overall a 6/10. The English voice and older war design bring her down considerably.

User Info: CChrono

1 week ago#9
Love her as a unit, character is boring.

User Info: Auteni

1 week ago#10
9/10. Would've given her a 10 if her english voice wasnt f***ing annoying.
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