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User Info: goodJT

1 week ago#21
StillPainting posted...
Total_Panda posted...
Walshin posted...
The most unnecessary battles in the game are everything that happens after Edelgard says " Imma declare war on the Church "

Destroying the church is the only valid thing this game does.

There's nothing in this game Edelgard does that can be morally or ethically sound

Have a good day with the evil route of the game.

It's better than just doing nothing. The war was going to happen regardless of Edelgard's choices.
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User Info: Zeveria

1 week ago#22
Thematically, I honestly thought it was among one of the most important battles. In BL it's handled poorly, in GD it was fine--yeah Dimitri's actions weren't logical, but then again...he's crazy. It was Dimitri himself who was handled poorly. All the routes could have used more chapters tbh. BL and BE need to finish TWSITD, GD to flesh out the kingdom's issues and add more to the TWSITD battle.
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User Info: Urodos

1 week ago#23
I agree with the others who've mentioned it. Adding FoW would've made more sense for the situation. Dimitri and Claude don't really have a good reason to go after each other
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User Info: akaCitizenSnips

1 week ago#24
Mega_Gardevoir posted...
Poison-puffs posted...
FoW would fix it in context of the game, but at the same time do you really want Claude & Lysithea or Dimitri & Felix or Petra ambushing you.
To be honest, I imagine that's why they didn't put in the mechanic in the end. They thought the pre-battle cutscene with the fire and Edelgard's comment at the start would be enough for players to understand. To prevent new players from being too frustrated they ultimately cut out the fog mechanic.

What I don't get, is why they didn't at least add it back in Madening, because that mode has a bunch of Divine Pulse worthy BS in it anyway.

F*** that. FoW on that map would be extremely annoying. Even with 1000 Divine Pulses that would be annoying af. Fliers, cavalry, ballista, commanders in FoW? No thanks.

User Info: Ivashanko

1 week ago#25
It is awful storytelling. I hated it. In my opinion it is the worst part of the game.

User Info: BloodMoon7

1 week ago#26
My favorite map is War at Gronder
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User Info: pastasauseboi

1 week ago#27

The golden deer and blue lions fighting is so forced. They could have easily justified a three way battle if they’d just put some thought into it.
For example: in the BL route, have Claude be a second antagonist rather than a spectator in the story. Say he’s using the chaos that edelgard started to expand the alliance’s territory or team up with the Almyrans to invade fodlan. And in the GD route, have Dmitri be totally off his rocker and you guys discover that he’s been attacking the empire and alliance indiscriminately because he just wants to watch the world burn. Or something. Anything is better than the game’s justification.

Also I’m disgusted by everyone’s acceptance of fog of war. Have we forgotten about battle before dawn and arcadia? Or even more recent examples in this very game? Fog of war is the most egregious example of artificial difficulty in the series. I personally think that whoever first suggested the idea should be out of a job. Rant over

User Info: DarkRPGMaster

1 week ago#28
Urodos posted...
I agree with the others who've mentioned it. Adding FoW would've made more sense for the situation. Dimitri and Claude don't really have a good reason to go after each other

Or have a few undercover troops from Edelgard's group in the Kingdom and Alliance armies, and have them aim for the other faction. Could even have Dimitri get angry and state that the Alliance is the enemy as well, and for Claude to go "Who gave you the order to attack the Kingdom!? Dammit...we're really in it now."
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User Info: Seazas

1 week ago#29
People who say they want fog of war don't understand anything about gameplay balance and fun.

That map was filled with monstrous units and nukes and you're telling me we should have ambush opportunities for them???

That wasn't happening, gameplay story segregation wins out.

User Info: GuyKnight

1 week ago#30
It's awesome yet it's done so poorly that it takes away the tension of it all.

Even without changing the storyline (although I like the idea of Claude being a second antagonist just so he can pull a "Great Betrayal" on either Edelgard or Dimitri)

A simple false flag operation from the Empire should be enough to trick both The Kingdom and The Alliance into fighting. Even if Claude or Gilbert was able to see through it, it wouldn't be able to stop the soldiers from descending into chaos as everyone is way too caught up with it.

For BL: Claude generally tries to stay out of it, opting to let Dimitri handle it because he has the professor but as a result of his inaction, tension grow within the Alliance forces as they doubt his leadership since he's doing nothing about the situation. The Empire launches a false-flag attack on them under the Kingdom flag which cause his already tense and fragile Alliance to collapse as either other Golden Deer members or other soldiers of the Alliance interpret this attack as the Kingdom betraying them and charging into the fray. Claude tries to get them to stop but as soon as Alliance members already clashed with the Kingdom, there was no going back so he goes to cover them.

GD is much easier. Dimitri's unstable condition already can make him do insane decisions. Likewise, false-flag can still work or Edelgard knows about his obsession and finds a way to create an illusion where she can be seen among the Alliance army, which cause Dimitri to direct the Kingdom's forces to them. As Dimitri is already unwilling to listen to reason without a Byleth so he'll have an easier time to justify his action unlike Claude's who reasons for charging into the fray, while their can be an argument to be made still completely undermine his character and is baffling in it's moment of incompetency that is so unlike his character (unless you don't like him or something).

Yeah, I'm also not a big fan of turning it into Fog of War even if it was mentioned in GD. That map is the signature map and it should be more fun (it can be to a degree, but likewise, it isn't when the story leading up to it doesn't make sense then it's slightly frustrating but still works to a degree)
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