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  3. How much do you like this person's personality: Sothis?

User Info: Beans345

4 weeks ago#1
Now, read the options, then choose - Results (106 votes)
1: The Worst
7.55% (8 votes)
2: Horrible
0% (0 votes)
3: Very Bad
2.83% (3 votes)
4: Bad
4.72% (5 votes)
5: Mediocre
5.66% (6 votes)
6: Okay, I guess?
14.15% (15 votes)
7: Good
15.09% (16 votes)
8: Great
12.26% (13 votes)
9: Very Nice
14.15% (15 votes)
10: Irresistible
23.58% (25 votes)
This poll is now closed.
The Last One

All good things must eventually come to an end. Of course, this series of polls is no exception. I decided to close it with the first character you meet in the game: Sothis. Oh, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Gilbert's average score was 48%. Second-last only to Cyril. Ouch.

Once all of the polls automatically close, I will re-evaluate each poll to create a final average score, and replace the preliminary average score with that one. I'll also add the number of votes that contributed to the final score.

Claude: 85%
Edelgard: 62%
Dimitri: 71%
Rhea: 55%
Seteth: 72%
Professor Hanneman: 69%
Professor Manuela: 66%
Flayn: 69%
Alois: 73%
Catherine: 67%
Shamir: 78%
Jeralt: 69%
Hubert: 60%
Dedue: 72%
Hilda: 68%
Lorenz: 66%
Raphael: 65%
Leonie: 61%
Ignatz: 57%
Lysithea: 66%
Marianne: 77%
Petra: 81%
Bernadetta: 55%
Ferdinand: 78%
Dorothea: 65%
Caspar: 56%
Linhardt: 68%
Felix: 72%
Ingrid: 69%
Sylvain: 69%
Ashe: 68%
Mercedes: 64%
Annette: 83%
Cyril: 36%
Gilbert: 48%
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User Info: StellaLunaris

4 weeks ago#2
I dunno... she kinda reminds me of a poor man's Yune...
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User Info: FelurFalas

4 weeks ago#3
Irresistible waifu material.
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User Info: TwerpKnight

4 weeks ago#4
Sass me harder mother.
When playable Anna in Three Houses?
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User Info: TalesOfXAndY

4 weeks ago#5

She'a actually not that interesting and she can be annoying.
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User Info: Kid_Gilgamesh

4 weeks ago#6

She's there, I guess. Not that I'd mind having a tulpa goddess wife.
Claude's route in FE3H is a bad meme

User Info: Aka_Neko

4 weeks ago#7
Cant put 10 cuz theres not enough of her, shes criminally underused, and actually makes me mad how the game treats her character. Shed honestly be my fave char in the game if given the chance.

User Info: Thrasher7170

4 weeks ago#8
Where's the 0 option?
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User Info: Emperor_mateus

4 weeks ago#9
I like her. The haughty and playful personality is very endearing. She's often sassy but rarely mean spirited about her.

Sothis personality is fine. The problem is that the story never really does much with her and she vanishes pretty quickly.
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User Info: The_Juice_

4 weeks ago#10
One of like 3 characters who doesn't automatically worship Byleth so that auto qualifies her for a 9
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  3. How much do you like this person's personality: Sothis?
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