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  3. Claude is honestly kinda irrelevant overall

User Info: rukn

4 weeks ago#11
I don’t agree that he is irrelevant but I would have liked for him to be more present in the other routes.

User Info: Kid_Gilgamesh

4 weeks ago#12
His group should have just been a supporting group in Dimitri's route and joined with the gronder field map in post-timeskip and not had a a route to themselves
Claude's route in FE3H is a bad meme

User Info: Poison-puffs

4 weeks ago#13
He should have stuck around in AM so we can have the Bromance route
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User Info: GuyKnight

4 weeks ago#14
The thing is Claude is irrelevant because he never got to do anything interesting or unique in his own damn route. He may have got a few moments here and there that shows glimpse of something beneath but in the end, he never gets to show off about it and otherwise, he just f***s off back to Almyra once he knows he couldn't accomplish what he set out to do.

It also doesn't help that Silver Snow and Verdant Wind copy their plots which each other too much (regardless of whichever was developed first). His "schemes" and "tactics" also end up being moot because it's shared with Gilbert and Seteth aside from his "Almyran" version and the s*** he pulled at AM Deidru. That is the biggest offense to his character in my opinion, it was the only thing that could have made Claude's route standout a little and see him dismantled huge armies with his own stuff aside from Byleth controlling the entire thing.

I almost forgot to mention that despite all that "smartness", Azure Moon's Gronder Field also destroys that aspect of his character even though it's not even that hard to make him attack Blue Lions in a mistake or necessity.

To put it in Three Kingdoms terms, Claude is the "Wu" to Edelgard's "Wei" and Dimitri's "Shu". His route is the third wheel to the main overall conflict. He's likable sure, but he's only there so that the story can have a "third" kingdom that gets swept up by the other two. Shame too, because he has a completely unique design and his dream, although kinda like Edelgards, ends up not being as fulfilling as Dimitri's, could work if there was someone who actually oppose it ideologically. (Either Rhea, Thales, Edelgard, even Dimitri could tolerate/live with the people of Duscar but with not the Almyrans or something.)

In short, he got shafted bad despite all that hype.

EDIT: To respond to people who want him to stick around in Azure Moon, I disagree. Yeah, sure, it would be interesting and probably far better if he did but they are trying to get you to play the other routes and Azure Moon doesn't need to be elevated any further than what it has gotten so far. It has the best endings for the most of the characters and ignores the weaker aspect of TWSITD despite not knowing the full truth, plus Claude already gives you his bow for it. As cool as it is, the bromance shouldn't happen in respect of the other routes.

User Info: FelurFalas

4 weeks ago#15
Claude is only irrelevant because he is not controversial enough.
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User Info: Nakedbacon

4 weeks ago#16
Yeah he’s kind of irrelevant to the whole Edelgard and Dimitri thing. Claude’s just there.
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User Info: bookwormbabe29

4 weeks ago#17
I have to agree. I was really expecting MORE from Claude. With his reputation for schemes, I was hoping to see some of those schemes in action. I was hoping to see more of Almyra, but they just pop in once and vanish, without comment on them ever again.

To use the 'Three Kingdoms' analogy, I really was hoping Claude was 'Shu' with the master tactician. Edelgard is clearly the 'Wei' here, and I figured Dimitri would be the 'Wu' side of things. I had high hopes, but his path was rather bland, and how they handled the kingdom just didn't make much sense. His path has the least reason to fight his last two stages. I like him as a character, but his overall story needs work.
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4 weeks ago#18
The reason why Claude is perceived as irrelevant, in my opinion, is because he doesn't have any past dealings with TWSITD.

Since they weren't there to ruin his childhood, he doesn't have any outward angst like Edelgard and Dimitri.

I'm grateful for that though, he represents the voice of reason out of the three. The main conflict is just a mishmash of misplaced anger and an inability to solve any actual problems. Which I feel Claude's route avoids the most.
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User Info: TalesOfXAndY

4 weeks ago#19
It annoys me how the game keeps reminding you of how much a schemer he is (BE Chapter 14 is really bad about this). You'd expect him to pull of some genius level plans or maybe even have a secret dark side that he hides behind that smile of his. Does he have that? Not really.
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User Info: Poison-puffs

4 weeks ago#20
I mean he may not have mental problems but he does have a subtle trait that without Byleth he lacks confidence.

Without Byleth
Dimitri is fully consumed by his desire for revenge which leads to his downfall
Edelgard becomes a cold, bloody tyrant which leads to her downfall.
and Claude is a a bit coward and lacks confidence, so when things don’t go his way he just gives up.
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  3. Claude is honestly kinda irrelevant overall
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