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User Info: Zeveria

1 month ago#41
Kina_Skynight posted...
Hayas***akara posted...
When Jeralt died, she just told Byleth to suck it up and get over it. like wow, lol. Which isn't surprising since her besties were the ones that killed Jeralt.

Exactly!! What the f***, let my poor Byleth mourn, it was not even a week after Jeralt dies, you cold b****!!

I guess it was just my maternal instinct, but I just want to hug and comfort Byleth. Even more when you see him slump over with a 😟 face like, noooo.

Dimitri was the only one who seemed remotely nice about it. Edelgard was pretty damn cold. Like s*** woman, can I have maybe...a day to mourn? And Claude was being an invasive dick. No, I don't want to share my father's intimate diary with you. I didn't even get a chance to finish reading it myself. And if I'm going to share it with anyone, it'd probably be Leonie. FFS, no means no...if I told the other Golden Deer you were exploiting me in my moment of mourning, Leonie would probably place your head on a pike while Lysithea turned your body to ash. Now leave me alone.
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User Info: TheBLD

1 month ago#42
TalesOfXAndY posted...
Surely someone on the translation/localisation team could've looked at the script and realised that this line makes Edelgard sound like a complete dumbf***.

I would hope someone on the team would've realized Edelgard looks like a complete dumbf*** long before this line...

User Info: aikamatsunaga

1 month ago#43
emagdnE posted...
Edelgard's super dumb "no u" response bothers me just as much as Xander's "Justice is an illusion" spiel.

Those two belong together. As I douse them in kerosene then Valflame them.

Edelgard: Yet there are those who cling to unreasonable ideas of justice.
Xander: Justice is illusion.
@emagdnE: For great justice!!! Belhalla Barbecue and Grill!!!! *Burns both*
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User Info: aikamatsunaga

1 month ago#44
StellaLunaris posted...
aikamatsunaga posted...
@StellaLunaris I wonder if you are the same girl I've role played with in Facebook. Is it you?

Nonetheless, Edelgard isn't really good at debating.

Nope, never roleplayed. At most my roleplaying is like... *Does a silly dance* Ta-daaaa!

Sad. There was some gamer girl I knew in FB using similar name.
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User Info: NaclynE

1 month ago#45
StellaLunaris posted...
"Must you reconquer and retaliate?"

Historically there have been some dumbass generals that have conquered a captitol, left no gaurds there or a small set, only to have it conquered by an opposing force or bandits or whomever so they have to "reconquer" that location again.

Also sadly in BladeStorm 1 the AI commonly does this to me all time. Sadly I cannot setup guards or whatever in the game. Also story guys like Joan of Arc or Prince Edward (whichever side I am playing for the said mission) tends to "reconquer" what I took so I have to "retaliate".

I don't understand the logic of this line being so bad that "Here I am waiting for a f***ing pot to boil and all I can see in my head is 5-year old Edelgard and Dimitri in tiny war-phase outfits and she's hitting him with a stick and yelling "WHY ARE YOU CONQUERING YOURSELF? WHY ARE YOU CONQUERING YOURSELF?"

We need some kinda Muppet Babies spinoff."

Seriously do you understand the ethics of old school midevil wars that reconquering and retaliating happens?
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User Info: RK800_Connor

1 month ago#46
SC6 posted...

- I'm a machine, designed to accomplish a task. I know why I exist and who designed me. I have a reason to live. I guess that's the difference between us.
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